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Modules to Teach Scientific Literacy in Ecampus Introductory Psychology Classes

Kathy Becker Blease

Proposed research abstract

Basic scientific literacy skills – including graph reading and understanding research design – are key skills for psychology majors, physicians, and all college students. Mastering these basic STEM skills is essential for college and career success, yet students arrive with uneven skills in this area. The aims of this project are to expand a current, NSF-funded project designed to develop modules to teach these key skills in Introductory Psychology, rigorously evaluate their effectiveness, and ultimately disseminate the modules widely and freely. We will use software like Microsoft PowerPoint Mix and Qualtrics to deliver the same high quality, active learning modules we are currently developing and testing on the OSU Corvallis campus, Willamette University and Chemeketa Community College to teach essential skills using psychology course material that is relevant to students’ lives. By using active learning techniques and relevant course material from Introductory Psychology, we aim to teach all students the basic scientific literacy skills that will help them be successful in future psychology and other science classes, and also help them use data to make sound decisions in their personal lives as well. By leveraging a great deal of work that has already gone into the NSF-funded on-campus modules, we have a unique opportunity to bring truly effective, engaging educational modules to Ecampus students quickly and efficiently.

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