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“Research in Action” podcast


Press release

“The goal of the podcast is to do two things – increase research literacy and build community among researchers,” said Katie Linder, podcast host and research director at Oregon State Ecampus. Read more about the “Research in Action” podcast in this press release.

“Research in Action” (“RIA”) is a podcast about topics and issues related to research in higher education featuring experts across a range of disciplines. Episodes are posted weekly and include guest interviews and solo episodes. Guests are from a range of higher education institutions and share their expertise on qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research, as well as their personal experiences as researchers, research and writing practices, organizational and productivity strategies and more. Bonus content is also be posted.

“Research in Action” was hosted by Dr. Katie Linder, former research director for Oregon State University Ecampus.

Engage with the podcast by viewing show notes and transcripts for each episode, exploring our episode guide, learning more about how to contact us or suggesting a future guest or topic.

You may subscribe to the “Research in Action” RSS feed or access the podcast via iTunes, Player FM, SoundCloud or Stitcher. “Research in Action” is also listed on MERLOT.

The “Research in Action” podcast is a resource funded by Oregon State University Ecampus, a nationally ranked leader in online education. Oregon State Ecampus partners with more than 700 OSU faculty members to develop and deliver nearly 50 programs and more than 1,000 classes online.

The views expressed by guests on the Research in Action podcast do not necessarily represent the views of Oregon State University Ecampus or Oregon State University.

RIA Booklists

At the end of each calendar year, the Research in Action team compiles a booklist of all titles mentioned on the podcast.

These lists include full citations for each of the books talked about on the show, links to publisher websites and information about where the book was mentioned and by whom.

If you’re interested in a particular episode where a book is mentioned, check out the episode guide for additional show notes or to listen to the episode.

2018 Research in Action booklist

Books organized alphabetically: Accessible PDF

2017 Research in Action booklist

Books organized alphabetically: Accessible PDF

2016 Research in Action booklist

Books organized alphabetically: Accessible PDF

Happy reading!