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Scholarship program through Oregon State University


Your ticket to a rewarding career outside the rink

Oregon State University is proud to collaborate with the PHPA to give players and family members exclusive tuition benefits so you can earn a degree online from a top-ranked university. This scholarship program enables you to enroll with one of the nation’s best providers of online education without putting your life on hold. You can find more details below on how to receive these tuition benefits.

15% tuition savings

Receive a 15% tuition scholarship when you enroll in any Oregon State Ecampus course offering.

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Please note: The scholarship is effective for enrollment in future terms and will not be applied retroactively.

Ranked top 10 again

Oregon State Ecampus is ranked top 10 in the nation for the 10th straight year by U.S. News & World Report. Learn more »

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Steve Carney

  Because of the wide array of options that are available online at Oregon State, it will enable our members and their families, regardless of where they are geographically, to begin or continue their educational journeys with the flexibility that suits their specific needs.   

– Steve Carney
PHPA Career Enhancement Program

Preview online learning at Oregon State University

We rethink the impossible and find new ways to engage our distance students, setting the standard for online learning and breaking down barriers to give learners worldwide access to a top-ranked education.

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Application process

Before you apply to learn online with Oregon State University, we want to provide you with all the information you need make an informed decision.

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Application schedule

At Oregon State, we admit students in each of our four quarterly terms. The application deadlines vary based on your level of study.

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Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible for this program?

All players who are members of the PHPA will be eligible for this program in addition to one dependent or spouse.

When can I start?

Oregon State is on a quarter-based calendar, which means we offer classes online in fall, winter, spring and summer. You can begin taking classes online in any term. Check out our application deadlines page for more information about when to apply. PHPA members who are not US citizens should consult international admissions deadlines.

Will my credits transfer?

Oregon State accepts credits from other institutionally accredited colleges or universities. Your previous coursework will be officially evaluated for transfer upon admission.

Who will support me?

As an OSU Ecampus student, you’ll have access to student success coaches, an academic advisor, career guidance, free online tutoring, library services and other resources.

What’s it like to be an online student?

Oregon State is ranked one of the nation’s best online universities because our online programs and courses are highly engaging and rigorous. Preview the online learning experience.

What is FAFSA?

You should consider completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) if you are a US citizen. Through this process, you may qualify for state and/or federal aid to help pay for college.

What if I stop playing in the AHL or ECHL?

Players will continue to receive these benefits after they stop playing. Dependents and/or family members will also continue to receive these benefits after the PHPA member stops playing.

How do I apply to Oregon State?

Before applying, we suggest you speak with an Ecampus enrollment specialist to learn more about the university, financial aid, etc. Call 800-667-1465 or email

Where can I find OSU’s important dates and deadlines?

The academic calendar, from the OSU Office of the Registrar is the best place to find clear, current dates and deadlines related to course registration, withdrawal and term timelines.

When will my scholarship be applied to my student account?

Once your verification has been approved and you register for classes, the tuition scholarship will be applied to your student account after week 4 of each academic term.

What happens if I enroll in an Ecampus course after my scholarship has been awarded?

If you successfully petition for a late change of registration (after week 4 of the term) and either add an Ecampus course or switch sections of a currently enrolled course to an Ecampus section, please contact We will take steps to adjust your scholarship amount accordingly.

How is the scholarship applied?

Process – PHPA member or alumni

  1. Contact CEP coordinator with interest in the program
  2. Member/Alumni registers for the Career Enhancement Program
  3. Complete Career Enhancement Program application process
  4. CEP coordinator sends welcome letter with assessment results and link to OSU Ecampus landing page for interested individuals
  5. PHPA member applies to OSU
  6. Member sends CEP coordinator proof of application
  7. PHPA sends OSU list of approved PHPA members prior to each term

Process – spouse/dependent

  1. Contact CEP coordinator with interest in the program
  2. CEP coordinator sends link to OSU Ecampus landing page for interested individuals
  3. PHPA member applies to OSU
  4. Spouse/dependent sends CEP coordinator proof of application
  5. PHPA sends OSU list of approved spouses/dependents prior to each term

How do I get started?

Our knowledgeable staff will answer your specific questions about OSU Ecampus online degree programs, courses, the application process and how to get started.

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