Credits required
180 Oregon State University is on a quarter-term system. There are four quarters each year and classes are 11 weeks long. This program's 180 quarter credits are equal to 120 semester credits.
Cost per credit
$288 Cost per credit is calculated using tuition per credit for the current academic year. It does not include associated fees, course materials, textbook expenses, and other expenses related to courses.
Online You can complete all courses online. Some courses may require proctored exams in your local area.
Start terms
4 per year

Careers: B.S. in Agricultural Sciences — Online

Agriculture Sciences online degree program at OSU. Career information.

Oregon State's agricultural sciences online degree program lets students pursue a wide range of career goals based on their interest in the agricultural industry. Here are a few sample job titles of agricultural sciences graduates:

  • County extension service youth agent
  • Agribusiness field representative
  • High school agriculture teacher
  • Loan officer
  • Agricultural communications or public relations officer
  • Agricultural sales representative
  • Farmer or rancher
  • Government agency employee

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) predicts nearly 58,000 job openings through 2020 in agricultural related fields. Paring your agriculture sciences degree with a minor in programs such as: horticulture, resource economics, or business to build a diverse skill set.

Agricultural sciences graduates can also work in a variety of job settings:

  • Science
  • Agricultural production
  • Finance and marketing
  • Communication
  • Education
  • Social services

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