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Discover the interactive nature of chemistry lab experiments online.

Students in chemistry labs online will find themselves immersed in an active learning environment where exploration is the guiding theme. In a simulated laboratory students will review concepts, explore modern methods, develop lab techniques, apply data analysis, develop teamwork and create an immersive experience.

Chemistry labs for non-science majors are included within each course so a visit to an Oregon State campus is not required. Labs are delivered through where students will be exposed to a variety of learning tools.

Chemistry labs for science majors are offered at OSU’s main campus in Corvallis, Oregon. To minimize time required on-campus, Ecampus students may opt to take each lab during the summer in an intensive three-day format (which would be nine consecutive days for all three labs), or not at all. Students should check with their advisor to determine whether labs are required for their course of study.

The CH 231/232/233 online lecture sequence combined with the CH 261/262/263 lab sequence satisfies OSU's undergraduate bacc core requirements. Labs must be taken in order.

Online Lecture CourseOn-Campus Lab CourseNotes
CH 231 CH 261  
CH 232 CH 262 CH 231 is prerequisite for CH 232.
CH 233 CH 263 CH 232 is prerequisite for CH 233.

Please note: Lab courses CH 261, 262 and 263 are offered summer term at OSU campus for Ecampus students and follow the OSU Corvallis Campus tuition model. Students enrolling in Summer Session classes all pay in-state tuition. Students that need labs but prefer not to travel may be able to find General Chemistry labs offered separately at an institution near their home. Refer to the Schedule of Classes for labs offered in other terms for on-campus students.

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All students enrolled in Oregon State Ecampus classes pay in-state tuition, making online classes affordable and flexible. It is important to note that Oregon State University runs on a quarter system. If you are transferring credits be sure to confirm the transfer policy of your home institution. Learn more about transferring credits.

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