Organic Chemistry – Online

Chemistry StudentOregon State University sophomore organic chemistry sequence - Chemistry 331, 332 and 337 - is an upper-level sequence for students in a variety of science and health-related fields.  These courses are delivered online by renowned faculty in OSU's Department of Chemistry.

Students can take both Chemistry 331 and 332 completely online.

Chemistry 337 incorporates the sequence's sole lab component and is offered only during Summer Session in two separate formats:

  1. Session 2: blended online/on-site four week format.  Weeks 1 and 2 are online. The lab component is administered through a mandatory two week on-site visit to the OSU campus during weeks 3 and 4.
  2. Session 5: fully on-site three week format

These organic chemistry course offerings result in the same learning outcomes as our on-campus courses including:

  • Online exams, quizzes and homework
  • Online instructor help

Valuable asset for pre-professional students

Students aspiring to careers in dentistry, medicine, optometry, pharmacy, chemical engineering, as well as students not majoring in chemistry, require these additional chemistry training courses in their program of study.

Transfer your credits

Many students from other colleges and universities take our chemistry courses online to transfer credit to their home institutions. Oregon State University runs on a quarter calendar with four terms per year, each with 10 weeks per term. Information about transferring credits is available through the Single Course Search tool provided by OSU's Office of Admissions.

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