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Marge Victor

Marge VictorAcademic Advisor

Natural Resources

What do you see as the advantages of taking classes online?

The ability for students to expand and contract their course loads with the "seasons" of their lives. I try to encourage students to take a term or two away from school if life throws them a curve. Distance education allows them to do this. They can always come back to their degree when they're ready to be students again, and we'll be here waiting for them.

Why do you feel it is important to support online learning by being the advisor for Natural Resources?

As someone with three different degrees (wildlife biology, art and natural resources planning) whose worked and taken classes around the country, I think I've gained insights that help me support students. Many of us re-define what we consider to be satisfying work several times in a lifetime. Online education makes the OSU Natural Resources degree possible for students regardless of their age or location. We always need new professionals to step in as caretakers for our precious resources.

What do you enjoy about advising Natural Resource majors?

My students inspire me. They are from so many occupational backgrounds and life situations, I love learning their stories. Many are thriving in their studies despite significant challenges at home and at work, because they have made the decision to stick with their coursework at the pace that works for them. I admire their determination!

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