Online Learning Effectiveness Research

Russell, Thomas (1999) “The No Significant Difference Phenomenon."

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This site provides selected entries from the book "The No Significant Difference Phenomenon" as reported in 355 research reports, summaries and papers - a comprehensive research bibliography on technology for distance education. This 1999 book was compiled by Thomas L. Russell, is fully indexed, and includes a foreword by Richard E. Clark. Previous editions of this scholarly study were provided electronically; this fifth edition is the first edition available in print.

Sample Entry:

Johnson, M., Introductory Biology Online: Assessing Outcomes of Two Student Populations
Journal of College Science Teaching - February, XXXI, number 5, pp 312-317

"no significant differences were found in outcomes for students in the two modes of instruction... Based on post-tests, online students were as successful as on-campus students at acquiring an understanding of biology content, acquiring graphing skill, increasing reasoning ability, and developing positive attitudes toward science...

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