Online Learning Effectiveness Research

Twigg, Carol and Jarmon, Carolyn, Directors - Center for Academic Transformation

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The mission of the Center for Academic Transformation is to serve as a source of expertise and support for those in higher education who wish to take advantage of the capabilities of information technology to transform their academic practices. Articles and monographs deal mostly with the debate on cost savings of using information technology in the classroom.


(From an article by Carol Twigg): Finally, and most importantly, the potentially more beneficial, more cost-effective forms of mediated instruction do not exist. What you may ideally want, as Bates and others have suggested, is a combination of pre-prepared, multimedia materials that reduce the contact time between students and teachers and some interactive time where the faculty member can concentrate on the things that she is best at doing: handling interaction with and among the learners. With the exception of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's studio courses, these models simply do not exist, so cost studies are not going to provide the data to prove their superiority

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