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Our student support never stops – in good times or in crisis

No matter the (social) distance, we've got you.

By Tyler Hansen
April 17, 2020

Here’s one of the biggest misconceptions about learning online: Students have to learn all by themselves, with minimal interaction from their faraway instructors and classmates, and with little support from the university community.

(Another big misconception: Online students always wear pajamas.)

At Oregon State University, the faculty who develop and teach classes online are experts at creating innovative, engaging ways for students to interact with classmates, instructors and the course content.

To make it even better, that enriching online learning environment is accompanied by a robust support system for Oregon State Ecampus students. This ensures that distance students aren’t academically isolated and that they have access to the people and resources they need to push through the challenging times.

And make no mistake, this is one of those challenging times.

Here’s how we can help you – now and in the future

As the world copes with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Oregon State Ecampus student success team is working with more purpose than ever to give online students additional support.

Our team of success coaches is perfectly equipped to give you the one-on-one support you need, academically and otherwise. Backed by expertise and a track record of success, they can work with you to:

  • Adopt helpful time management tactics
  • Strike a good work-life balance
  • Manage stress amid life’s many demands
  • Set goals and keep yourself motivated
  • Take advantage of OSU’s suite of student support resources

Want more good news? We offer this support to Ecampus students all the time, not just during a global crisis.

Award-winning student support online

Allow us to pat ourselves on the back for a second, but only because it means good things for you: People who learn online at Oregon State receive the highest level of student support.

The Quality Matters organization – the nation’s leading evaluator of high-quality online teaching and learning experiences – recently honored OSU Ecampus because, in its words, we provide “all the critical student and academic services needed for learner success and use learner feedback to continuously improve those services.”

This comes via access to OSU Libraries, exam proctoring, online tutoring and additional services. You can also become a part of the larger Oregon State community no matter where you live by joining the Ecampus Learning Community and other student organizations from a distance.

You belong here

Social distancing is new to us. But distance learning? That’s our specialty, and supporting students from afar is our passion.

Take the next step and learn more about the online programs or courses that interest you most.

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