Student Communities and Organizations

Ecampus Learning Community (ELC)

The Ecampus Learning Community is a site delivered in Canvas that provides support throughout your time at OSU. This community site for undergraduate students allows you to connect with other students in your major and gives you easy access to your success coach. Within the site, there are resources and strategies to help you be successful, including information on getting started, time management and organization resources.

You will be invited prior to the start of your first term and will have access to the learning community until you graduate. We encourage you to access the learning community early and often to help you identify success strategies and connect with your fellow classmates.

Engage with on-campus clubs, rec sports and cultural resource centers

Did you know that as an Oregon State Ecampus student, you have access to the university’s on-campus clubs, recreational sports and cultural resource centers at the Corvallis campus – no matter where you live?

Here's how you can help Ecampus students engage with your organization

Students who learn online want to feel connected to the OSU community no matter where they live. And student clubs and organizations play a big role in making this a reality.

If you're curious how your group can engage online students, we have ideas to help you get started. Read recommendations, learn more about Ecampus students and help build a sense of community for this growing population.

This is a great opportunity to explore your passions, grow as a leader, learn about cultures and traditions, meet like-minded peers and network with professionals.

Student-led clubs

From "Active Minds" to "Women in Science," Oregon State offers more than 75 student-led clubs that are available to Ecampus online students (some restrictions may apply.) Each club consists of a student leadership team that coordinates meetings, activities and events based on the needs of its members. Browse the list of organizations below to find one that matches your interests and passions.

Find a student organization

And if you’d like to start your own Ecampus online club, that’s possible, too. Email us with your idea, and we can work together to figure out how to make your club a reality.

Recreational sports

The Department of Recreational Sports offers students a wide variety of programs, including intramural sports, fitness programs, the Adventure Leadership Institute and much more.

Ecampus students can take advantage of OSU’s state-of-the-art recreation facilities, including Dixon Recreation Center, Student Legacy Park, McAlexander Fieldhouse and the tennis complex.* These diverse facilities and program offerings encourage and support the pursuit of well-being and student success.

* Please note: Ecampus students may be subject to additional fees.

Cultural resource centers

OSU’s cultural resource centers are dedicated to fostering an inclusive community that is committed to social justice and liberation for all people, regardless of racial or ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic class, age and/or physical abilities.

The centers also coordinate safe environments in which students can share their multiple identities and learn about issues of culture, heritage, history, identity and self-expression in an atmosphere of positive engagement and mutual respect.

These inclusive environments, including CRC events, are open to Oregon State Ecampus students, whether they live near campus or across the world.

The centers’ student leadership liaisons are committed to helping engage Ecampus students from afar and can work with you to figure out the best way to connect you to the center and its activities.

Find out how you can participate

Here are a few suggestions for how you might participate:

  • Add your email to a club’s listserv
  • Use video conferencing like Zoom or Teams to join meetings from a distance
  • Join a club’s Facebook and other social media groups
  • Notifications of on-campus events. (Some Ecampus students live near campus and might be able to attend.)
Orman Morton

Despite being 2,400 miles away from OSU's campus, Orman Morton III was involved in OSU’s Indigenous student community through the Kaku Ixt Mana Ina Haws. He became a member and established personal connections that made his student experience unforgettable. Read more »

Note: It will be up to you and the club/rec sport/cultural center to figure out the best way for you to engage in their activities. Some fees may apply. This opportunity does not include the OSU-Cascades campus.

If this sounds of interest to you, please contact Eddie Rodriguez, the Student Engagement Program Manager ( so we can connect you with the on-campus Oregon State community.

Other communities

Social media communities

Honor societies

OSU organizations