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Engaging students in the online classroom is our passion

There’s a myth that learning online means that students are disconnected from their instructors and classmates.

When you learn online with Oregon State University, it’s just the opposite.

The Oregon State faculty who teach online work in partnership with the OSU Ecampus staff to provide students with an authentic sense of community.

“It’s important to find those ways to make the online classroom space a place where students feel like they can connect with each other and with me,” says Clare Braun, a writing instructor in the College of Liberal Arts.

At Oregon State, we develop innovative solutions, conduct research and implement best practices in order for students like you to have collaborative learning experiences no matter where you live.

And all of that is to say one thing: You belong here.

Take the next step in your academic journey and learn more about the Oregon State online programs or courses that interest you most.

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