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Which microcredential is right for you?

Ravonne Byrd wears glasses as she looks intently toward a computer screen.

Ecampus student Ravonne Byrd hones her coding skills for her computer science program.

A look at 5 online microcredentials with Oregon State University that can help you gain skills and level up your career

By Carly Johansen

Ever wondered what’s next for you professionally? Whether you’re at the start of your professional journey or a seasoned pro, it’s common to search for growth opportunities throughout your career. And exploring your interests through high-quality online learning experiences is proven to help develop the skills you need for growth.

While earning a full degree is the right choice for many, a more focused option may be a more practical solution for you.

That’s where microcredentials come in, and Oregon State University Ecampus delivers these in-demand, short-form offerings online. By completing a microcredential, you can earn a digital badge in as few as three classes and acquire specialized skills that will enhance your value in the job market.

You can get the full scoop on microcredentials and their many benefits in our helpful beginner’s guide.

Which microcredential is right for you?

Explore five common goals for professional growth and learn how Oregon State’s microcredentials can help you achieve your goals.

1.   Goal: Enter the corporate realm

You may be considering a move into the business world but are unsure of where to start. Landing that first corporate job can be challenging. But Ecampus success coach Bethany Ulman says, “Success comes down to a mix of opportunity, preparation and commitment to your goal.”

The Oregon State professional readiness microcredential is the right next step for you. You’ll prepare for success by gaining skills in topics like finance, career planning and professional communications.

This microcredential will help you stand out as a skilled problem solver, a superior communicator and a capable leader. And, you’ll have the AACSB-accredited Oregon State College of Business behind you. You’ll have access to valuable support resources like peer advising and expert faculty who have industry experience.

2.   Goal: Produce quality content

Content production is an exceedingly fast-growing field in today’s digital-first climate. If you’re interested in content creation, gaining basic skills is a great place to start. With OSU’s content development and production microcredential, you’ll gain creative and practical skills in sound production, storytelling, editing, pre-production and more.

You’ll be ready to pursue freelance work or join a production house that allows you to flex those creative muscles. As you progress through the microcredential coursework, you may find you’re interested beyond the three courses in this offering. If so, you could enroll in another microcredential, such as business of viral content creation or even stack it into a full bachelor’s degree in digital communication arts.

3.   Goal: Turn sports passion into your profession

Wondering how you can turn that fantasy football league into more than a betting pool with your friends? Or perhaps you’re a former athlete, looking to put that knowledge to use in a professional setting. Sports business might be the right career pathway for you.

The global sports industry continues to evolve as legislation and diversifying audience interests create a growing demand for professionals who understand the landscape. You can help meet the demand for capable workers by earning a microcredential in sports business from Oregon State. You’ll gain valuable industry knowledge on how topics like analytics, sponsorship, marketing and finance come into play.

4.   Goal: Find your business niche

Generative AI. 3D printed fabrics. New content platforms. Ever-changing e-commerce markets and consumer demands. As the digital marketplace continues to evolve, there are boundless opportunities for personalized and unique businesses to develop.

This means we need creative people to offer new products and services to meet rising demand for everything from technology to food supply to fashion and beyond. That’s where you come in – along with a microcredential that is right for your goal.

Through the coursework in OSU’s microcredential in innovation and entrepreneurship: opportunity identification, you’ll gain valuable skills related to design thinking, innovation and business planning. Learn how to identify and scale emerging business opportunities from award-winning instructors. Find where you fit in to your local, national and global economy.

5.   Goal: Learn to lead a team

Every company has a leader – often more than one. But over 80% of organizations interviewed in a recent study stated that they predict a shortage of leadership and executive-level skills in the future. And right now, a generation of leaders is retiring, leaving a growing gap for people like you to rise to the opportunity.

With the essential training you’ll receive in the organizational leadership microcredential from Oregon State, you’ll learn how to excel in important tasks like motivating a team, managing organizations and decision-making. If you’re ready to take on the challenge of leading a team or organization to greatness, you can make your next move today.

Explore what else Oregon State has to offer online

So which microcredential is right for you? That all depends on what you’re looking to achieve.

With a growing list of microcredential options online, Oregon State Ecampus can help you chart a professional pathway that suits your ambitions.


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