Developmental Math (MTH 065/MTH 095)

The Oregon State Ecampus P-12 Outreach Program offers MTH 065 and MTH 095 on-campus and online as college preparatory or refresher math. These courses are designed to prepare students for MTH 105 Algebraic Reasoning and MTH 111 College Algebra during a future term.

Please note: These courses are developmental, pre-college courses and the credits do not apply toward OSU graduation, nor does the grade in the class apply toward a student's overall Oregon State GPA. But don't let this deter you from taking these helpful classes if you need more preparation in math.

Benefits of Ecampus math courses include:

  • On-campus classroom based instruction, with class size limited to 35 students
  • Online courses provide flexibility to adjust instruction time to fit your schedule
  • Great OSU instructors along with on-campus or online tutoring

Course descriptions

Math 065: Elementary Algebra (3 credits)

Arithmetic of signed numbers, order of operations, simplifying algebraic expressions, solution of linear equations, and inequalities. Rules of exponents, addition, subtractions, and multiplication of polynomials, factoring, solution of quadratic equations by factoring, reducing rational expressions. World problem involving linear equations, graphing of linear equations, inequalities.

Math 095: Intermediate Algebra (3 credits)

Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of rational expressions, long division of polynomials, solution of fractional equations, applications involving linear equations. Fractional equations, inequalities, literal equations, and variations. Negative and fractional exponents, radicals, solution of quadratic equations, and complex numbers. Cartesian coordinates, graphs of linear equations and inequalities, distance formula, slope, equations of lines, solutions of systems of linear equations in two unknowns and inequalities. PREREQUISITE: MTH 065  

Course schedule and details

Information for all courses can be found on the OSU General Catalog. Type MTH 065 or MTH 095 in the Quick-Jump box and hit enter.

Contact us

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