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Presenter, “Online learning efficacy database.” OLC Innovate 2018, Nashville, TN. (April)

Presenter, “Student device preferences for online multimedia.” OLC Innovate 2018, Nashville, TN. (April)

Presenter (with Riggs, S.). “Instructional designers as researchers: A conversation about changing roles and opportunities to advance the science of teaching and learning.” OLC Innovate 2018, Nashville, TN. (April)

Webinar, “Research Design and Methodology Training Needs of Instructional Designers,” EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative. (January)

Presenter, Poster Session, “A Searchable Distance Education Efficacy Research Database,” EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA. (January)

Presenter, Poster Session, “The Role of Instructional Designers in Research on Teaching and Learning,” EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA. (January)


Webinar, “Importance of and Motivation for Instructional Designers’ Research Skills,” UPCEA. (December)

Presenter, “Results of a National Study on the Research Engagement and Training of Instructional Designers in Higher Education,” OLC Accelerate Conference, Orlando, FL. (November)

Webinar, “The Impact of Instructional Designer Knowledge of Research Design and Methodology on Credibility, ID2ID & EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative. (November)

Webinar, “Confidence Levels in and Barriers to Research Design and Methodology,” Quality Matters. (November)

Facilitator, “Getting Started or Going Further in the Scholarship of Educational Development,” Annual POD Network Conference, Montreal, Quebec. (October)

Webinar, “Research Training and Engagement of Instructional Designers in U.S. Higher Education,” Online Learning Consortium. (October)

Presenter (with Jenkins, S., Kellar, B., & Oldstad, A.), “Outcomes of sponsoring faculty engagement in online learning research.” WCET 29th Annual Meeting, Denver, CO. (October)

Presenter, “Results and Takeaways from the First Nationwide Research Study on Closed Captioning in Higher Education,” AHEAD National Conference, Orlando, FL. (July)

Panelist, “Making a ‘Significant Difference’ in Faculty Research Focused on Online,” UPCEA Summit for Online Leadership, San Diego, CA. (June)

Roundtable Facilitator, “The Next New Focus for Online Education Units,” UPCEA Annual Conference, Chicago, IL. (March)

Presenter, Poster, “(How) Do Students Use Closed Captions to Improve Their Learning?” EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Annual Meeting, Houston, TX. (February)

Webinar, “The State of Closed Captioning in Higher Education,” 3Play Media. (February)

Facilitator (with Beach, A., Hindman, L., and Carr, E.), POD-sponsored Pre-conference Session “Infrastructure for Team-based Extramural Funding: Resources and Strategies,” AAC&U Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA. (January)


Webinar, “How Different Student Subgroups Use Closed Captioning,” 3Play Media. (November)

Presenter (with Gregg, A.), “Understanding the complex landscape of ‘research’ in distance education,” OLC Accelerate Conference, Orlando, FL. (November)

Presenter (with Gregg, A.), “Quasi-experimental What?: Increasing Your Research Literacy,” OLC Accelerate Conference, Orlando, FL. (November)

Panelist, “Podcasters Panel: ‘Long Tail’ Professional Development for Online Education Professionals” OLC Accelerate Conference, Orlando, FL. (November)

Presenter, “(How) Does Closed Caption Use Impact Student Learning?” Annual POD Network Conference, Louisville, KY. (November)

Webinar, “How Colleges Nationwide Are Handling Captioning,” 3Play Media. (October)

Roundtable Facilitator, “Benefits and Methods for Conducting e-Learning Research,” Northwest e-Learning Conference, Eugene, OR. (October)

Webinar, “How & Why Do Students Use Closed Captioning?” 3Play Media. (September)

Panel Moderator, “Caption Studies: Research Questions for the Field,” Caption Studies Conference, Western Oregon University, Online Conference. (August)

Presenter, “Learning to Juggle: Tools for Organizing Multiple Grant Applications,” SRA International Western/Midwestern Section Meeting, Portland, OR. (May)

Presenter (with Zdenek, B.), “Crafting an Institutional Distance Education Research Agenda,” OLC Innovate, New Orleans, LA. (April)


Presenter, “Building Access into Online Learning Seamlessly,” Annual POD Network Conference, San Francisco, CA. (November)