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RIA # 144: Dr. Kay Shattuck on Being a Research Director

Dr. Kay Shattuck

On this episode, Katie is joined by Dr. Kay Shattuck, who has worked in adult education more than 30 years, focusing on online and distance education over the past few decades. She earned her doctorate at Penn State University under the guidance of Michael G. Moore. Kay was a member of the initial group of Maryland distance educators who developed what would become Quality Matters. Her earliest involvement in 2003 was in providing a review of the research and best practices literature and being part of the committee that developed the first QM iteration of standards of quality online course design. As QM’s Director of Research, she continues to provide research support and direction for new QM tools and resources for the field. Her academic affiliation is with the lifelong learning and adult education program at Penn State where she taught online for many years. She is an associate editor of The American Journal of Distance Education. Kay developed and was editor of Assuring Quality in Online Education: Practices and Processes at Teaching, Resource, and Program Levels and authored “Teaching Online:  Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?“ a review of the faculty participation literature in the upcoming 4th edition of the Handbook of Distance Education.

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Show Notes

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Segment 1: Quality Matters [00:00-15:09]

In this first segment, Kay shares about the history of Quality Matters as a research organization.

In this segment, the following resources are mentioned:

Segment 2: Being a Director of Research [15:10-36:31]

In segment two, Kay discusses her day-to-day work as a director of research for a national organization.

In this segment, the following resources are mentioned:

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