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RIA # 167: Dr. Juliet Watson on Researching Gender-based Violence

Dr. Juliet Watson

In this episode, Katie is joined by Dr. Juliet Watson, the Deputy Director of the Unison Housing Research Lab and the Senior Lecturer in Homelessness in the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies at RMIT University in Australia. Juliet has extensive research, teaching, and practice experience in the areas of homelessness, gender-based violence, and youth. Her doctoral thesis won the biennial Australian Women’s and Gender Studies Association PhD Award in 2016. This research formed the basis for her book, Youth Homelessness and Survival Sex: Intimate Relationships and Gendered Subjectivities. Juliet was also the recipient of The Australian Sociological Association Award for the Most Distinguished Peer-Reviewed Article Published by an Early Career Researcher in 2017. Her current research centres on socio-cultural contexts and experiences of homelessness, social housing, gender-based violence, and poverty.

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Show Notes

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Segment 1: Researching Homelessness [00:00-12:25]

In this first segment, Juliet describes her research on homelessness.

In this segment, the following resources are mentioned:

Segment 2: Pregnancy and Homelessness [12:26-24:05]

In segment two, Juliet discusses her research on pregnancy and homelessness.

In this segment, the following resources are mentioned:

Segment 3: Researching Family and Domestic Violence [24:06-35:48]

In segment three, Juliet shares about considerations when researching vulnerable populations.

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