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RIA # 95: Dr. Robert Maribe Branch on Diagramming Complex Relationships

Dr. Rob Branch

On this episode, Katie is joined by Dr. Rob Branch, a Professor of Learning, Design, and Technology at the University of Georgia, and the Head of the Department of Career and Information Studies. Rob earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina; and a Master of Arts degree from Ball State University. Rob taught high school in Botswana as a Peace Corps Volunteer and later joined the University of Botswana as a Lecturer in the Technology Education Department.Rob completed his Doctor of Education (EdD) degree from Virginia Tech in 1989. Dr. Branch worked as Fulbright Lecturer/Researcher at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, where he co-founded the Master’s degree in Educational Technology, while conducting research on the complexities of student centered learning spaces. Dr. Branch is co-editor of the Educational Media and Technology Yearbook and co-author of the book Survey of Instructional Design Models. He also authored the book Instructional Design: The ADDIE Approach. Dr. Branch emphasizes student-centered learning and teaches courses related to message design. Dr. Branch’s published research focuses on diagramming complex conceptual relationships and other complicated flow processes. He is a Past President of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT).

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Show Notes

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Segment 1: Diagramming Complex Relationships [00:00-12:50]

In this first segment, Rob describes his research on diagramming complex relationships.

In this segment, the following resources are mentioned:

Segment 2: Being a Fulbright Scholar [12:51-24:35]

In segment two, Rob shares about his experience and the benefits of being a Fulbright scholar.

In this segment, the following resources are mentioned:

Segment 3: Replication Studies [24:36-35:10]

In segment three, Rob shares some of his thoughts on the importance of replication studies in the social sciences.

In this segment, the following resources are mentioned:

Bonus Clip #1 [00:00-03:03]: What is an instructional designer?

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