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3Play Media Student Research Study (2016)

Institutional Solutions for and Student Perceptions of Closed Caption and Transcript Use in Institutions of Higher Education

Project in collaboration with 3Play Media.

This national study was designed to explore college students’ experience with, and perceptions of, closed captions. ECRU collaborated with 3Play Media to conduct two national online surveys, one with college students (below) and a second with higher education administrators at institutions implementing closed captioning.

Study report cover

Student Uses and Perceptions of Closed Caption and Transcripts: Results from a National Study

Study Report: Linder, K. (2016). Student uses and perceptions of closed captions and transcripts: Results from a national study. Corvallis, OR: Oregon State University Ecampus Research Unit.

News Release: Students say closed captions, transcripts aid learning, Oregon State study finds

Other publications:

Webinars: 3Play Media hosted a series of webinars on the research outcomes for this project. To view the replays for each one, or to download a transcript, click below:

Video Presentation of Results (7 minutes):

View the webinar recording of the original recruitment presentation describing the overall project:

OSU Closed Captioning National Study

Download the webinar transcript (.docx) and webinar slides (.pptx).