2007 Ecampus Graduates

Rosanne Chiddick-From On Campus to Online

B.S. in Liberal Studies

Rosanne Chiddick and Family

Rosanne Chiddick poses with her parents before the OSU 2007 graduation ceremony.

In 2002, Rosanne Chiddick came to the OSU main campus in Corvallis as an incoming freshman straight out of high school. After about two years of college life on campus, Rosanne left school and eventually relocated to Southern California. It was here that she realized she aspired to be a teacher. With a full schedule filled with responsibilities, Rosanne knew learning on her own time would be the best option for her.

With her degree complete through OSU Extended Campus, Rosanne will begin a one-year program at CSU Northridge in the fall to earn her teaching credentials so she can meet her goal as a first or second grade teacher.

"I couldn't have been a teacher without this," she says. "I wouldn't have been able to finish so soon. Ecampus is such a great pioneer with the online program. It has let me continue on the path I want to take."

There were a few reasons Rosanne chose Ecampus to complete her bachelor's. "I could take a full load of classes for the degree, work and maintain my life," Rosanne says. "Every class that I would need to graduate was offered online. I signed up for my first few classes about two years ago and have enjoyed every class since. I never had to go back into a classroom. It is phenomenal for working people. Without this, I would have never had time to study."

Even though Rosanne says she wouldn't trade her on-campus college experience for anything, she does acknowledge advantages of completing her degree at a distance through Ecampus.

"When I was at OSU I never really met my professors," Rosanne says. "I knew it was more crucial that I did when taking classes online. It was great because I emailed them all the time and we really got to know each other. We grew to have a relationship. My advisor Polly Jeneva answered all my questions about little things."

On June 17, Rosanne got to meet Polly Jeneva for the first time as she traveled to Corvallis to participate in graduation. At the ceremony, she knew she had met a milestone. "I was feeling, ‘Oh, I'm finally done,'" Rosanne says. "It was great to feel like I was a part of the Beaver community and now the alumni community."

Rosanne knows that her Ecampus degree will open the door to her future.

"Being able to touch the lives of young boys and girls I will know that I have made a difference in this world and I will be blessed because of it."

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