Credits required
27 Oregon State University is on a quarter-term system. There are four quarters each year and classes are 11 weeks long. This program's 27 quarter credits are equal to 18 semester credits.*
Cost per credit
$366 Based on current tuition rates. No additional charge for nonresident students. Does not include course materials and associated fees and expenses.
Online You can complete all or nearly all requirements of this program online. View the curriculum.
Start terms
4 per year

Science and Technology of Alcoholic Beverages – Online Undergraduate Certificate

If applying as a postbaccalaureate student for fall 2024, the deadline to apply is Aug. 1, and classes start Sept. 25.

A top-shelf education for careers in beer, wine and spirits

Whether you’re already working in the industry or just getting started, earning an Undergraduate Certificate in the Science and Technology of Alcoholic Beverages online will give you the skills you need to advance as a brewer, distiller or winemaker.

This rigorous online certificate is inspired by Oregon State’s highly regarded fermentation science program and led by its same expert faculty, who are world-renowned for their research in brewing, hop breeding, winemaking and distilling. This is a unique opportunity to understand the biological, chemical and physical principles of fermentation, without needing to complete a four-year degree.

The science you’ll learn will be directly applied, and hugely beneficial, to your day-to-day work in the field.

Go beyond brewing

From kombucha to craft cider and spirits, the alcoholic beverage industry is so much bigger than beer.

Our first-of-its-kind certificate is designed to give you an overall foundation in fermentation science — including distilling and winemaking — while also introducing you to emerging topics like sustainable manufacturing and product innovation. The result is a comprehensive and innovative program that will give you a competitive advantage in operations and product development.


This 27-credit program gives you extensive training in fermentation microbiology, chemistry and analysis, quality assurance and production technologies. You’ll learn to analyze the sensory properties of alcoholic beverages and apply scientific principles to identify variations in aroma, color and taste. You'll also gain the technical skills you need to manage production processes and resolve day-to-day logistical issues. 

Curriculum details and certificate requirements are available on Oregon State’s academic catalog

Make meaningful connections through an internship

To complete this certificate, you'll participate in a 3-5 credit internship (included in your core credits) that will give you a hands-on opportunity to apply what you’re learning. Oregon State’s extensive network and excellent reputation can help you find internship opportunities at respected breweries, wineries and distilleries.

Sample course topics

  • Fermentation microbiology
  • Food safety and quality assurance
  • Chemistry and biochemistry of beer
  • Wine in the Western world
  • Production and analysis of beer
  • Chemistry and biochemistry of distilled spirits
  • Production and analysis of wine
  • Sustainable food processing
  • Innovation and food product development

Benefits of learning online with Oregon State

  • All classes are developed by OSU's world-class faculty, who are renowned for their research, expertise and innovation.
  • Oregon State is institutionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.
  • Oregon State Ecampus is consistently ranked among the nation’s 10 best providers of online education according to U.S. News & World Report.
  • OSU Ecampus students receive the same transcript-visible certificate as on-campus students.

NOTE: The U.S. Department of Education has approved this certificate for federal financial aid eligibility as part of a full degree program, but not as an independent certificate program. Alternate funding sources (e.g. loans, private funds) may be required to cover the costs associated with this program.


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