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RIA # 120: Dr. Katie Linder Shares a Summer Research Challenge

Dr. Katie Linder

Dr. Katie Linder

In this episode, Dr. Katie Linder, Director of Research at Oregon State University Ecampus, introduces a summer research challenge.

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Show Notes

Segment 1: Launching a Summer Research Challenge [00:00-08:55]

In this first segment, Katie invites “RIA” listeners to join a summer research challenge.

In this segment, the following resources are mentioned:

1. Find a random article outside of your research area that interests you and read it

2. Use color-coded post-its, pens, or highlighters for note-taking

3. Buy a special notebook and pen to use for your research journal

4. Read the memoir of a scientist or researcher in your field

5. Write a poem about your latest research project – haikus are encouraged

6. Schedule a writing date with a friend

7. Go on a field trip to a location connected to your research area

8. Design an internet meme about your research

9. Create a themed music playlist for your research or writing time

10. Find a new podcast related to your research area

11. Email a researcher you respect and thank them for their work

12. Contact your dissertation advisor and see what they are up to lately

13. Brainstorm 20 questions you want to answer with your research

14. Re-arrange the furniture in your work or home office

15. Take a day to just catch up on research reading

Segment 2: Participation Options for the Challenge [08:56-17:48]

In segment two, Katie shares additional checklist items and ways to engage in the challenge.

In this segment, the following resources are mentioned:

16. Explore blogs written by researchers in your area

17. Go to a research seminar or conference presentation on a topic that is new for you

18. Create a mission statement for your research

19. Find a newspaper article that cites a scientific study and read the original study

20. Draft a strategic plan for your research over the next several years (see the following two RIA episodes for tips and resources: RIA # 12: Dr. Katie Linder on Creating a Five-year Research Plan and RIA # 93: Dr. Katie Linder on Setting Research Goals)

21. Write an op-ed related to your research topic

22. Watch a feature film or documentary related to your research topic

23. Organize your paper and/or digital research files or citation management system

24. Finish a writing project that has been hanging over your head

25. Tweet about your research progress every day for a week

26. Start a writing streak of at least 15 minutes a day for a minimum of 10 days27. Schedule a fall writing retreat of two days or more

28. Read an article about a research method that you’ve never used before

29. Use a data visualization method that is new to you (check out RIA # 92: Dr. Stephanie Evergreen on Data Visualization to learn more!)

30. Post a picture of your research space on social media

31. Incorporate an RIA episode into your fall syllabus (head over to the “Research in Action” podcast episode guide page to browse 100+ topics!)

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