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RIA # 119: Dr. Brad Shuck on Engagement in the Workplace

Dr. Brad Shuck

On this episode, Katie is joined by Dr. Brad Shuck, an Associate Professor and Program Director of both the Health Professions Education and Human Resources and Organizational Development programs in the School of Medicine and College of Education and Human Development at the University of Louisville. His primary areas of research include the application, meaning, and measurement of employee engagement, emerging areas of positive psychology, and leader development. His research has been featured in refereed journals such as Leadership and Organizational Studies, the Journal of Happiness Studies, Human Resource Development Review, Human Resource Development Quarterly, and others. He is routinely cited in US-based international media outlets including Forbes, The Washington Post, and TIME, as well as international outlets including Business World Online and the Hindu Times. Shuck was named the 2016 Early Career Scholar by the Academy of Human Resource Development and has received several awards for his applied research. He is a Commonwealth Scholar and a member of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels and has done extensive work with the United States Army Cadet-Command, Ft. Knox, Kentucky.

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Show Notes

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Segment 1: Engagement at Work [00:00-13:40]

In this first segment, Brad shares about some of his research on engagement at work.

In this segment, the following resources are mentioned:

Segment 2: Intersection of Work and Health [13:41-24:44]

In segment two, Brad discusses some of his research on health in the workplace.

In this segment, the following resources are mentioned:

Segment 3: Capacity and Work [24:45-36:37]

In segment three, Brad discusses the concept of capacity as it relates to effective work.

In this segment, the following resources are mentioned:

Bonus Clip #1 [00:00-05:15]: How to Create Highly-engaging Work Environments

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