Ecampus Professional Development Funds

Ecampus has opportunities for faculty, staff, and administrators to pursue professional development related to the area of distance/online education, including hybrid delivery (combination of online and face-to-face instruction). The expectation is that the funded proposals will further the applicant’s professional development goals and contribute to the strategic and programmatic objectives articulated in OSU’s Strategic Plan, in particular as it relates to access and instructional excellence.

Program goals

  • To fund professional development that is personalized and that impacts students’ learning online and in hybrid environments.
  • To provide the resources and support for individual faculty, staff, and administrators to improve their knowledge and skills in online and hybrid teaching and learning.
  • To promote effective online and hybrid teaching and learning in OSU courses.
  • To encourage the development of a robust online and hybrid teaching and learning support structure among OSU faculty, staff, and administrators.

Program description

Ecampus Professional Development (ECPD) funding will be offered in two categories: (1) professorial faculty and (2) professional faculty and advisors. Applicants can apply for funding to cover costs such as the following:

  • Webinar registration
  • Conference registration, travel, and lodging
  • Personal library additions
  • Online course fees
  • Professional workshops

Other funding requests will also be considered if they directly relate to the professional development of the applicant.

Note: Ecampus courses, non-credit courses, and courses for the continuation of graduate work are not eligible for funding under this program.

Professional development funds will be distributed up to $5,000 per individual. Budgets may be approved in whole or in part. To ensure diversity of fund use, applicants who have been previously funded must wait one funding cycle before applying again.

Funding timeline

The professional development funding cycle occurs three times in the academic year:

  Fall Term Winter Term Spring Term
Call for applications Oct. 5 Jan. 18 May 6
Applications due Oct. 15 Jan. 27 May 20
Notification of awards Oct. 22 Feb. 3 May 27
Funding window October-January February-May June-September

Apply now

Are you interested in a professional development opportunity related to online teaching and learning? We hope you will consider applying to receive Ecampus Professional Development (ECPD) Funds.

Application materials

To apply for ECPD funds, complete the application cover page and include it with your submission. Applications can be submitted through the ECPD Application. The application includes space to describe:

  • Information about the applicant (name, department, college, contact information, department chair or director name and contact information)
  • Information about the professional development opportunity (title, location, and date of event or program; titles of books or other materials to purchase; links to relevant registration or conference pages, etc.)
  • A statement of the topic or question the professional development opportunity will help the applicant address
  • Intended learning outcomes from the professional development opportunity
  • Ideas for sharing the outcomes of the professional development with the OSU community and the Ecampus leadership team
  • A timeline for the professional development opportunity
  • A budget for the professional development opportunity

The application also requires a letter of support from a department head or equivalent.

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Please direct your questions about the Ecampus Professional Development Program to Katherine McAlvage (, Assistant Director of Course Development and Training for OSU Ecampus.