Exams and Proctoring Form

Submitting proctoring instructions

For courses that require proctored exams, instructors can provide Ecampus Testing proctoring instructions for exams through the Exams and Proctoring Form.

Exams and proctoring form

Using their ONID information, instructors can log into the Exams and Proctoring Form to provide Ecampus Testing proctoring instructions for the exams in their course. Ecampus Testing will verify the proctors submitted by the students in your course and distribute exam instructions to approved proctors. Please ensure the following for this process:

  • Submit an Exams and Proctoring Form before the first day of each term for courses that require proctored exams (students are unable to submit proctors for verification until instructors have completed this process)
  • Confirm that your exam dates and passwords in Canvas match the exam information that you submitted to Ecampus Testing

Proctoring for your courses

Proctorio is an automated proctoring solution that is now available for Ecampus courses that require proctored exams.

Proctorio is an automated system that records students using their webcam and microphone, then detects unusual or suspicious behavior for faculty review. It is free for students to use and no scheduling is required. When Proctorio is used in a course, it is the proctor to be used by all students in the course unless an individual student needs an exception to use an acceptable in-person proctor instead.  

  • Important: A webcam and microphone are required to use Proctorio. If you have a student without access to this technology notify Ecampustesting@oregonstate.edu if you approve a student exception. Ecampus Testing will work directly with the student through the process to use an acceptable in-person proctor. Any proctoring fees associated with this are the responsibility of the student.

Questions about a proctor?

Email Ecampus Testing or call 800-667-1465 or 541-737-9281. Our office hours are 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. PT Monday through Friday.