QM Online Course Design – Certified Courses

Dozens of Oregon State faculty members have earned the distinction of having over 50 Ecampus online courses gain Quality Matters certification through a collegial peer review process. This is a significant accomplishment that means a course has met rigorous, research-based standards of course design.

Here is a current list of the Ecampus courses (listed alongside their instructors) that are QM-certified. Put your course on the track for certification by enrolling in an Ecampus QM training session today.

Course Instructor
AEC 253  Environmental Law, Policy, and Economics Christy Brekken
AEC 351 – Natural Resource Economics and Policy David Haim
AEC 388 – Agricultural Law Christy Brekken
AGRI 411/511  Intro to Food Systems: Local to Global Christy Brekken
ANTH 261 – Food in American Culture Sarah Cunningham
ANTH 478 – Anthropology of Tourism Mary Nolan
ART 359 – Photography, Activism, and Social Change Lorenzo Triburgo
ATS 201 Climate Science Andrea Allan
BA 333 – Legal and Ethical Business Solutions Inara Scott
BA 353 – Professional Development John Morris
BA 432 – Environmental Law, Sustainability, and Business Inara Scott
BA 466 – Integrative Strategic Experience John Morris
BI 311 – Genetics Meta Landys
BI 319 - Theory, Practice and Discourse in Life Sciences Meta Landys
BOT 324 – Fungi in Society Genevieve Weber
COUN 531  Developmental Perspectives in Counseling Arien Muzacz
COUN 581  Cross-Cultural Counseling Arien Muzacz
CROP 200 – Crop Ecology and Morphology Alyssa Duval
ED 471/571  Multicultural Linguistics Nelly Patino-Cabrera
FES 240 – Forest Biology Dawn Anzinger
FES/HORT 350 – Urban Forestry Paul Ries
FES 447/547  Arboriculture Paul Ries
FW 255 - Field Sampling of Fish and Wildlife Dana Sanchez
FW 407 - Conservation Genetics Renee Albertson
FW 458/558 – Mammal Conservation and Management Luke Painter
GEOG 203 – Human-Environment Geography Shireen Hyrapiet
GEOG 462/562 – GIS III: Geospatial Analysis Kuuipo Walsh
GEOG 560 - GIS I: Introduction to Geographic Information Science Kuuipo Walsh
HDFS 360 – Critical Thinking in HDFS Lori McGraw
HDFS 432 – Children and Youth with Special Needs Anne Mannering
HDFS 444 – Family Violence and Neglect Lori McGraw
HDFS 461 – Program Development and Proposal Writing Lori McGraw
HHS 231 – Lifetime Fitness for Health Daniel Roberson
HORT 212 - Introduction to Organic Agricultural Systems Deanna Lloyd
HORT 255 – Herbaceous Ornamental Plant Materials Al Shay
LEAD 442/542 – Leadership Skills for Career Success Jonathan Velez
MGMT 453 – Human Resources Management Michele Swift
MGMT 575 – Integrative Capstone I John Morris
MTH 251 – Differential Calculus Ryan Hass
PH 205 – Solar System Astronomy Kathryn Hadley
PS 346 – Middle East Politics Abdullah Mohammed Husain
RNG 421 – Wildland Restoration and Ecology Yvette Gibson
RNG 441 – Rangeland Analysis Yvette Gibson
RNG 490 – Rangeland Management Planning Yvette Gibson
RUS 232 – Russian Culture Betsy Ehlers
SPAN 111 – First-year Spanish Raven Chakerian
SPAN 112 – First-year Spanish Raven Chakerian
SPAN 113 – First-year Spanish Raven Chakerian
SUS 102 – Introduction to Environmental Science and Sustainability Meg Mobley
SUS 103 – Introduction to Climate Change Jillian Gregg
SUS 304 – Sustainability Assessment Ann Sheerer
SUS 420  Social Dimmensions of Sustainability Jen Myers
Z 350 – Animal Behavior Philip Pepe
Z 423 – Environmental Physiology Meta Landys