Online Microcredential Proposals

Ecampus is now piloting microcredentials, which are digital badges students earn by completing coursework that offers a specific set of skills and knowledge. Learn more about Ecampus microcredentials.


As this is a pilot, Ecampus is only accepting a limited number of microcredential proposals at this time. To be considered, new microcredentials must meet the following criteria:

  • Contain at least three (3) courses that are already developed for online delivery
  • Be comprised of at least eight (8) credits total
  • Be accepted by Ecampus and approved by the faculty microcredential review committee

The following are preferred criteria:

  • Should have minimal prerequisite courses so as to be accessible to nondegree-seeking students
  • Should be stackable to an existing Ecampus degree program

Proposals are considered, reviewed, and approved on a quarterly basis.

Review term

Review term
Submission deadline Decisions announced Anticipated first term of admissions
W22 Feb. 4, 2022 Feb. 21, 2022 Summer 2022
Sp22 April 29, 2022 May 31, 2022 Fall 2022
Su22 July 22, 2022 Aug. 30, 2022 Winter 2023

Proposal form

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The Ecampus assistant director of program management assists with the coordination of all Ecampus program proposals (e.g., major, minor, option, cert., or microcred) along with (CIM) curricular proposals. If you need assistance, please contact