Faculty and Department Questionnaire Results

To better serve our instructors and departments, we asked for their opinions about the services we provide. The results are being used to evaluate our services in the Department and Faculty Services unit and see where we need to improve.

Questionnaire Details

  • The questionnaire was sent out twice as a hard copy to instructors and department chairs who taught/or offered Ecampus courses Summer or Fall term(s) 2003.
  • We worked with Lydia Newton in the Survey Research Center to design questions and help with formatting.

Response Rates

  • 156 Questionnaires sent out to Instructors, response rate of 51%.
  • 43 questionnaires sent out to Department Chairs, response rate of 47%.

Lydia Newton stated they typically see a response rate of 50% for mail surveys. Surveys involving staff/faculty are usually a little lower.

Survey Responses

Q1: Did you call Ecampus with questions during Summer or Fall terms 2003?

NO: Dept: 42.1%
Inst: 30.1%
YES: Dept: 57.9%
Inst: 68.5%

Q1A: If yes, was the Ecampus staff member able to answer your question or not?


Dept: 100%
Inst: 88%
NO: Dept: 0%
Inst: 8%

Q2: Did you email Ecampus with questions during Summer or Fall term 2003?

NO: Dept: 36.8%
Inst: 26%
YES: Dept: 63.2%
Inst: 72.6%

Q2A: If yes, did you receive a reply from Ecampus?

YES: Dept: 100%
Inst: 98.1%
NO: Dept: 0%
Inst: 0%

Q2B: If yes, was the email answer helpful?

YES: Dept: 91.7%
Inst: 86.5%
NO: Dept: 8.3%
Inst: 5.8%

Q3: Did you consult the Ecampus website (http://ecampus.oregonstate.edu) during Summer or Fall terms?

NO: Dept: 84.2%
Inst: 43.8%
YES: Dept: 15.8%
Inst: 54.8%

Q3A: If yes, did you find the information you were looking for?

YES: Dept: 100%
Inst: 87.5%
NO: Dept: 0%
Inst: 10%

Q4: Please indicate how strongly you agree or disagree with this statement: "I have a clear understanding of the appropriate personnel to contact when I have a question or concern with courses offered via distance."

Department Instructors
STRONGLY AGREE 21.1% 23.3%
SOMEWHAT AGREE 52.6% 43.8%

Q5: Do you feel you receive too much, too little, or just the right amount of information regarding Ecampus announcements and reminders?

Department Instructor
TOO MUCH 0% 9.6%
TOO LITTLE 21.1% 9.6%
THE RIGHT AMOUNT 78.9% 76.7%

Q6A: Please indicate whether or not you have used each of the following sources for Ecampus information:

The Ecampus Website

YES: Dept: 26.3%
Inst: 64.4%
NO: Dept: 73.7%
Inst: 35.6%

The Faculty Website

YES: Dept: 5.3%
Inst: 35.6%
NO: Dept: 94.7%
Inst: 64.4%


YES: Dept: 78.9%
Inst: 83.6%
NO: Dept: 21.1%
Inst: 16.4%


YES: Dept: 73.7%
Inst: 93.2%
NO: Dept: 26.3%
Inst: 6.8%

Visit Ecampus Office

YES: Dept: 57.9%
Inst: 58.9%
NO: Dept: 42.1%
Inst: 39.7%

Q7A: Please rank, in order of importance, how you prefer to get Ecampus information:


#1: Email

#2: Telephone

#3: The Ecampus Web site (http://ecampus.oregonstate.edu)

#4: Visit Ecampus office

#5: The Faculty Ecampus Web site (http://ecampus.oregonstate.edu/faculty/)


#1: Email

#2: Telephone

#3: The Ecampus Web site (http://ecampus.oregonstate.edu)

#4: The Faculty Ecampus Web site (http://ecampus.oregonstate.edu/faculty/)

#5: Visit Ecampus office

Q8: What other services would you like to see offered by Ecampus (e.g. forums for online teaching, E-newsletter)?


  • Forums
  • Training
  • E-newsletter

Q9: What do you find most challenging about offering distance education courses?


  • Lack of face-to-face interaction; designing learning activities to engage students through other means
  • Labs, field experiences
  • How to motivate "no-show" students; dealing with incompletes
  • Technological support of students
  • Front end costs to develop courses in time and funds to support this

Q10: What do you find most rewarding about offering distance education courses?**

  • Helping students who would not otherwise have access to university courses.
  • Interact with each student one-on-one using discussion boards and email.
  • Motivated, interesting students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Flexibility for instructor and students.

Q11: Would you recommend to other departments or colleagues to offer courses through Ecampus?

YES: Dept: 73.7%
Inst: 86.3%
NO: Dept: 5.3%
Inst: 4.1%

Q12. Do you have anything else to say about Ecampus or this questionnaire?**
  • I've dealt with many staffers/departments in many schools from the world's best to the world's most obscure and these guys rank with the best.
  • Great group of people working for OSU Ecampus!
  • Staff is very prompt, helpful, and supportive. Thank you!
  • Keep up the good work and continue to seek new ways to reward development of new distance courses.

**For a list of complete responses to these questions please email vickie.bailey@oregonstate.edu.

New initiatives based on questionnaire results

  • Share information on best practices for online teaching/learning, tips and tricks from other instructors, suggestions for dealing with student problems, etc. We plan to send a Faculty E-newsletter, once per term beginning Summer 2004, to everyone who has taught or worked with Ecampus in the last year. The E-newsletter would include tips, reminders, give opportunity for feedback, announce training opportunities, and feature an instructor each issue. (Anyone who does not want future issues will have an opportunity to unsubscribe.) We are also putting together a webpage that summarizes the research studies that have been done to verify the learning effectiveness of distance courses.
  • Help faculty by assisting their students who are having technical difficulties. We are creating a webpage to give faculty information on where to route technical questions. We will continue to inform instructors and departments about support services provided by Ecampus through the faculty pay letter, faculty E-news, website, and emails.
  • Help faculty deal with students who are not participating or who cannot complete coursework within the term. We will provide information and strategies for dealing with incompletes on the Grade page on the Faculty & Department Services website /staff/departments/logistics/grades.htm.
  • In late spring we will sponsor a forum to share ideas about how to design and teach distance courses that involve lab- or field-based learning activities.