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OSU instructor, Christine Olsen, discusses how collaboration and well-designed courses help prepare students for career success.

We are pleased to have you join us as an instructor for Oregon State Ecampus students. We very much appreciate your willingness to provide your teaching expertise and experience in partnership with the Ecampus staff to ensure that the OSU's distance students are provided an academic experience that upholds the standards of rigor and student-faculty interaction and involvement that have come to be expected of the "OSU Experience."

Ecampus students repeatedly observe that the willingness of OSU faculty to respond quickly and consistently to student needs is at the core of the positive feeling they have toward their online education.

The faculty who work with Ecampus have created this positive attitude on the part of off-campus students by:

  • being responsive and available to students by phone, email, and/or discussion board,
  • providing clear expectations and instructions,
  • providing quality courses that are equivalent in content and student learning to on campus courses.

We appreciate your commitment to continue this level of service to the growing OSU off-campus student body and to help us build on the legacy of service and support that has been established by our faculty partners. To assist you in providing this experience for your students, the Ecampus staff provides an array of services and support for you, the faculty, and your students. Those services are outlined in this handbook.

Overview of Ecampus

OSU Ecampus provides access to online learning opportunities for working and retired professionals, stay-at-home parents, military members, community college students and individuals who may be seeking a degree or simply want to take a single course with us. Our students reside in all 50 states and more than 60 foreign countries.

We offer more than 100 online degree and certificate programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and students can choose to enroll in more than 1,750 online courses in more than 110 subjects. Thanks in large part to the efforts of OSU faculty, Ecampus has a reputation as one of the nation's best providers of online education.

Growth in online learning

Over the years, Ecampus has experienced significant growth in both student credit hours (SCH) and headcounts. SCH have increased from 14,317 in the 2000-01 academic year to 182,454 in 2014-15. Each year has brought a 13 percent to 29 percent rate of increase in SCH. The Ecampus unduplicated headcount rose to an all-time high of 17,452 in 2014-15.

Bob Ehrhart, one of our most experienced distance instructors, recently answered some of the frequently asked questions instructors might have about distance courses.

Be sure to check our website for the most up-to-date information or more detailed explanations. If you ever have questions or concerns, don't hesitate to call.

Thank you for joining us! We wish you tremendous success and know you will enjoy and profit from your interactions with OSU's distance students.

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