Getting Started with Program Proposals

There are many things to consider before proposing a program to be delivered online by Ecampus. First, we encourage you to consider the following questions.

  • Market demand: Is there sufficient demand for this program online? Would your online program fulfill an identified need in the workforce? We encourage academic units to consult with our new program intake team prior to submitting a program proposal to allow for market analysis and research.
  • Purpose: What is your primary reason for developing this program for online delivery?
  • Leadership engagement: Does your department or college leadership support the online development of this program?
  • Time: Significant time goes into developing a program for online delivery. Curricular approval can also take between six and 24 months, depending on the program. Does your unit have the adequate time to devote to developing courses and coordinating program needs?
  • Resources: Ecampus provides funding support for full degree and certificate program developments, and we offer many support resources to online students. The host department is also responsible for offering online courses regularly, advising online students and ongoing program support. Is your department prepared to meet the unique needs of online students?
  • Alignment with OSU’s mission: How would this Ecampus program support OSU’s mission and strategic plan?

Please note that full undergraduate and graduate degree programs and other programs with high market demand or enrollment potential are prioritized for online development.

Market insights

Academic units have access to Ecampus market insights services prior to submitting a proposal. We encourage academic units to consult with our market research manager at least one term prior to submitting a proposal to allow time for market analysis and research.

In some cases, market insights may be gathered prior to submitting curricular proposals, such as when academic units are seeking guidance about which program types are in greatest demand.

Contact us

If you are ready to start the conversation with us, reach out to our program management team at This will help us learn more about your vision and help with the next phase in the process.