Program Development and Continual Improvement

Continually improving program quality in partnership with academic colleges is our goal. Program quality includes many variables: student success, satisfaction, and progress toward graduation; healthy enrollment funnels; various aspects of program design; faculty preparedness; course design and facilitation; the development of learning communities; learners’ feelings of belonging; the use of high impact practices; student support services and more.

Faculty development

Faculty members who develop online courses for Ecampus programs receive high-quality support from our course development and training team. This includes workshops, trainings, multimedia services and the intentional support of an assigned Ecampus instructional designer, who helps faculty design and build the course in Canvas. Faculty also receive compensation for their time spent developing Ecampus courses.

Program marketing

An Ecampus marketing manager is assigned to each program to develop and publish a program microsite hosted on the Ecampus website, typically in collaboration with a program lead. The microsite contains key program details and connects prospective and current Ecampus students with OSU resources.

Enrollment and student support services

Ecampus is committed to providing excellent student support to its online learners so they can be successful in meeting their education goals. Student support includes providing services to assist students in navigating OSU processes, practices and policies. Ecampus works collaboratively with the Office of Admissions, Office of the Registrar, the Graduate School and various campus partners to identify and address student concerns, barriers, and needs.

Course development

Ecampus courses should be redeveloped every three to five years to maintain course quality and relevance to current students. Ecampus can support faculty in redeveloping online courses.

Please keep us informed

We understand that a lot can change over time. Staff departures and department reorganizations may impact Ecampus programs. It is helpful for us to be made aware of any important changes related to a program, such as a program point of contact departing OSU.

Contact us for support

For questions related to Ecampus program maintenance and support, or program-related updates, please contact our program management team at