Quality Matters

Maintaining the highest standards in online course design

Quality Matters (QM) is a continuous improvement model for assuring the quality of online and hybrid courses through a collegial faculty review process. QM focuses on the design of online and hybrid classes, as opposed to the delivery or content of the courses.

We encourage and support our faculty in course certification and involvement in peer review.

What QM provides


Publish research based course design standards


Professional training for faculty and teaching online


Certification of online and hybrid courses


A collegial peer-review process

Frequently asked questions

Do all courses use QM?

All Ecampus course designs are informed by QM research-based standards. Pursuing certification is optional.

Why certify my course?

To receive feedback from a peer review team, to improve learner engagement, and to demonstrate and be recognized for commitment to excellent course design and instruction.

Why become a peer reviewer?

To learn about what's happening in other online courses, to get ideas, and to provide valuable feedback. Peer reviewers also earn stipends. Learn more about becoming a peer reviewer.

50+ QM-certified courses

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Ready to pursue certification?

Learn more by registering for the flagship QM training, Applying the QM Rubric, a two-week online training session sponsored by Ecampus.

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