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What’s it like to learn online? Military veterans share their advice

By Tyler Hansen
June 10, 2021

You know what you’re capable of, and that confidence will continue to serve you well. But sometimes, encouragement from others who have been in your shoes goes a long way.

Hundreds of military service members and veterans have earned their degrees online from Oregon State University Ecampus. They know what it takes — the time, the energy, the grit — to live the military lifestyle while pursuing a higher education.

And true to the military spirit of supporting a joint mission, those Oregon State Ecampus graduates are always eager to offer guidance to fellow military-connected personnel.

“My biggest advice for other veterans would be, first of all, not to be afraid of the task ahead of them,” said Michael Magstadt, who earned his Oregon State political science degree online while serving in the U.S. Coast Guard. “The hardest part of doing something is getting started, so they should start. And they should do it.”

At OSU Ecampus, we recognize that advice like Magstadt’s has great value to others in the military community. Our military ambassadors program was designed for that reason. You can connect directly with an ambassador and hear firsthand insights into what it’s like to learn online and how to succeed academically.

And that’s just one piece of the wide-ranging support services for OSU Ecampus military students. You’ll also have access to one-on-one success coaching, veterans services, library services, free online tutoring and more.

Combine the outreach and support with the high-quality learning opportunities, and it’s clear why Oregon State Ecampus is consistently ranked one of the nation’s best schools for online education for veterans.

“OSU had greater legitimacy in my eyes as a respected brick-and-mortar school with a history that extended long prior to an online program being established,” Magstadt said.

To learn more about the online learning experience at Oregon State, connect with one of the Ecampus military ambassadors.

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