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RIA # 45: Dr. Monika Raesch, Dr. Frank Rudy Cooper & Dr. Pat Reeve on Writing Groups and the Importance of Self-reflection


Dr. Monika Raesch

Dr. Monika Raesch

On this episode, Katie is joined by three faculty members from Suffolk University:

Dr. Monika Raesch is Associate Professor and Chair in the Communication and Journalism Department at Suffolk University. She is a native of Germany and holds degrees from four different countries, implying her passion for foreign cultures and film. Dr. Raesch has published articles and book chapters on subject matters in film theory and history and teaching pedagogy in video production, and scholarship. She has also published one monograph and is in the process of editing a book on German filmmaker Margarethe von Trotta.


Dr. Frank Rudy Cooper

Dr. Frank Rudy Cooper

Dr. Frank Rudy Cooper is a productive scholar known for work in Critical Race Theory, Masculinities Studies, and Criminal Procedure.  Cooper co-edited the book, Masculinities and the Law: A Multidimensional Approach (NYU Press 2012).  He is currently writing a book, Overcoming Cop Macho: How Masculinity Aggravates Racial Profiling.  Cooper is also a highly rated teacher of Race, Gender & Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Procedure, and Criminal Law.  His service has included a term as Suffolk University President Margaret McKenna’s Senior Advisor for Diversity, chairing the Tenure, Teaching, and Scholarship committees, and leadership roles on the Boards of several national law professor organizations. In Spring 2017, Cooper will be a visitor at Boston College Law School.


Dr. Pat Reeve

Dr. Pat Reeve

Patricia A. Reeve is Chair and Associate Professor of History at Suffolk University. Her research and teaching focuses on the history of masculinities, work and workers, and medicine in the nineteenth-century U.S. She also researches the teaching and assessment of information literacy at the college level. Additionally, Pat to designs and delivers professional development educational programs for K-12 social studies/history teachers. Recent publications include “The ‘Bone and Sinew of the Nation’: Antebellum Workingmen on Health and Sovereignty” in Light, Brookes and Mitchinson (eds.), Bodily Subjects: Essays on Gender and Health, 1800 – 2000. McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2015, 25-52.

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Show Notes

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PART 2 – Support Structures for Writing & Writing as Administrators

Segment 1: Administrator Writing Group Experiences [00:00-17:18]

In this first segment, Monika, Pat, and Frank discuss their experience of engaging in an academic writing group.

In this segment, the following resources are mentioned:

Segment 2: Self-reflective Practices for Administrative Teacher-scholars [17:19-35:46]

In segment two, Pat, Frank and Monika share some concrete examples of their own self-reflective practices.

In this segment, the following resources are mentioned:

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