QM Online Course Design – Certified Courses

Dozens of Ecampus faculty have earned Quality Matters certification of their course through a collegial peer review process. This is a significant accomplishment that means a course has met rigorous, research-based standards of course design.

Here is a current list of the Ecampus courses (listed alongside their instructors) that are QM-certified. Put your course on the track for certification by enrolling in an Ecampus QM training session today.

Course Instructor
AEC 253  Environmental Law, Policy, and Economics Christy Brekken
ATS 201 Climate Science Andrea Allan
BI 311 – Genetics Meta Landys
BI 319 Theory, Practice and Discourse in Life Sciences Meta Landys
COUN 431 Social Change: Addictions and Treatment Margaret O'Hara
COUN 531  Developmental Perspectives in Counseling Arien Muzacz
COUN 533  – Addictive Behavior Counseling Arien Muzacz
COUN 581  Cross-Cultural Counseling Arien Muzacz
CROP 200 Crop Ecology and Morphology Alyssa Duval
CS 161 Introduction to Computer Science I Tim Alcon
CS 162 – Introduction to Computer Science II Tim Alcon
CS 391 Social and Ethical Issues in Computer Sciencee Danielle Safonte
ED 471/571  Multicultural Linguistics Nelly Patino-Cabrera
FES 447/547  Arboriculture Paul Ries
FILM 145 – Intro to Film Studies, 1968-1999 Stephen Rust
FW 209 – Career Skills in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Shalynn Pack
FW 255 Field Sampling of Fish and Wildlife Dana Sanchez
FW 331 – Ecology of Marine and Estuarine Birds Rachael Orben
FW 370 Conservation Genetics Renee Albertson
GEOG 560 GIS I: Introduction to Geographic Information Science Kuuipo Walsh
HDFS 444 – Family Violence and Neglect Lori McGraw
HDFS 447 – Families and Poverty  Lori McGraw
HDFS 461 – Program Development and Proposal Writing Lori McGraw
HHS 231 – Lifetime Fitness for Health Daniel Roberson
HORT 212 Introduction to Organic Agricultural Systems Deanna Lloyd
HORT 255 – Herbaceous Ornamental Plant Materials Al Shay
HST 101 – History of Western Civiliation Scott Ables
IE 584 – Systems Engineering Jennifer Wilby
KOR 111 – First Year Korean Sunyoung Kim
MGMT 453/553 – Human Resources Management Michele Swift
SOIL 395 World Soil Resources Kimberly Japhet
SUS 420  Social Dimmensions of Sustainability Jen Myers
Z 423 – Environmental Physiology Meta Landys