Select Your Online Orientation

Incoming students can be admitted in a number of different ways. In order to address your specific needs as online learners with Ecampus, we have created three separate paths through the orientation process. It is important to complete the appropriate orientation so you are getting the most accurate information. Although each track has similar information regarding university policies, there are some areas specific to each version, especially regarding the processes for registration.


If you were admitted to a bachelor's degree program online, please complete the degree-seeking orientation:

Start degree-seeking undergraduate orientation


If you were admitted as a nondegree-seeking student, and you plan to take individual courses or pursue an online minor only, please complete the nondegree orientation:

Start nondegree orientation


If you were admitted as a graduate student seeking a full degree or certificate program, please complete the graduate orientation:

Start graduate orientation


If you are unsure which orientation to complete, please call the Ecampus student services team at 1-800-667-1465, option 1.