Course Material

The cost of textbooks, course packets/class notes, videos and DVDs is not included in the course tuition. Most course materials are available through the OSU Beaver Store, via online, phone or on-site ordering. Some courses may include alternate instructions for obtaining materials that are not available at the bookstore - be sure to check the OSU Beaver Store website for accurate information as the generic syllabus is not always up to date.

If the OSU Beaver Store has not received a textbook order from the instructor, a "currently awaiting course materials requisition" notice will appear. Please feel free to contact the instructor for textbook clarification 3 - 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the term.

To find your course materials, go to the Ecampus Schedule of Classes web page. Within a given course listing, click on the "OSU Beaver Store" link to take you directly to the OSU Beaver Store website which will have your course materials listed. Please allow sufficient mailing time to receive any ordered materials prior to the start of the term. We recommend that you order all material at least 2 week prior to the start of the term. If you drop or withdraw from your classes you may return your materials to the OSU Beaver Store within the first two weeks of the term for a full refund. Proof of dropping the course or withdrawing and a sales receipt are required for a full refund.

OSU Beaver Store
PO Box 489
Corvallis, OR 97339

Location: 663 SW 26th Street
Oregon State University Campus
Corvallis, Oregon 97331

Phone: 541-737-4323 or 1-800-595-0357