Online Course Evaluations

Student Evaluation of Teaching

  • Teaching at Oregon State University is an essential part of each instructor's responsibilities. Your responses to this questionnaire will help instructors identify quality teaching skills and methods or discover ways to improve their courses.
  • Please take the time to answer each question individually and add your comments in the text box:
    • questions 1 and 2 are used to compare across campus
    • questions 3-12 are comparative within the discipline
    • questions 13-19 collect demographic data
    • comments in the text box are seen by only the instructors
  • Instructors will carefully consider your comments. Also, supervisors for each faculty member or instructor will use this information to encourage teaching excellence.
  • Results of this form are anonymous and are not tabulated until after grades are posted.

Instructions for Completing the Online Course Evaluation

Note: Once you are in Online Services. If you anticipate wanting to make extensive comments about the course, we recommend that you compose your posting in word processing program and cut/paste it into the text box provided at the end of the evaluation.

  1. From the OSU Homepage, choose Online Services
  2. Choose MyOSU portal
  3. Login with ONID your username and password
  4. At the Welcome page choose Student and then select My Student Records
  5. Choose Student Evaluation of Teaching
  6. At this point another window will pop up. Be sure to enable browser pop-up windows

If you experience difficulties while completing the Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET), visit the FAQs page.

If you have already completed your teaching evaluations, you may release the hold by going back into your SET. This action triggers the manual Remove Hold feature now available in eSET. If you choose not to do so, the hold will still be released within one business day of your evaluations. Next term, please look for the Remove Hold feaure now on eSET.