Getting Started: Nondegree Students

Welcome! This is a helpful guide for newly admitted online students at Oregon State University who are ready to start taking courses. This guide is for nondegree students.

Not admitted? Please visit our "Ready to Apply?" information page for application procedures and requirements for OSU.

Step 1: Set up your ONID (OSU Network ID) and DUO

An ONID account is required to register for classes, access course sites and to receive a university email address. Please note: If you're a former student who is returning to Oregon State, you will need to reactivate your ONID account.

Your ONID email is your official Oregon State email. It is hosted by Google, and is accessed from the Google Apps Login Portal. Billing notifications and all other Oregon State communications will be sent there. You must check your ONID email regularly by logging in to the OSU Google Mail application.

Please review these detailed ONID sign-up instructions, and watch this video on how to set up your account.

After you set up your ONID account, you will be required to sign up for DUO, a mandatory two-step authentication system.

Step 2: Complete the Ecampus Online Orientation for nondegree students to receive a registration PIN number

The Ecampus Online Orientation for Nondegree Students provides you with important information about online and hybrid courses at Oregon State as well as systems and services that support nondegree students.

Completing the online orientation is required to receive a registration PIN number, which you will need to register for classes at Oregon State. You must complete the online orientation before registering for classes.

Ecampus online and Portland hybrid students do not need to attend START, which is Oregon State's orientation program for on-campus students.

Step 3: Complete the ALEKS math placement exam (if needed)

The ALEKS math placement exam helps identify the right math course for you. ALEKS scores can serve as prerequisites for math courses.

All first-year students must take the math placement exam.

All transfer students must take the math placement exam, unless you have earned a C- or better in a college-level math course from another college or university, or from a AP, CLEP or IB exam.

A college-level math course is defined as college algebra (MTH 111) or higher.

If it has been more than a year since your last math course, taking the ALEKS math placement exam is strongly recommended. Taking the exam will allow you to access tutoring modules that are a great refresher before taking your next math course.

Step 4: Register for classes

Completing the Ecampus online orientation for nondegree students is required before registering.

Before you register, view the step-by-step registration guide.

Also, review information about steps to take if you need to change your registration after courses begin. Specific policies and procedures govern adding and dropping courses, refunds after the start of the term, late registration and course withdraws. Changes to registration can affect financial aid awards and eligibility.

Ready to register now? Go to MyOregonState to get started.

Step 5: Tuition, fees and billing

Review our tuition and fee information to ensure you understand the cost of courses.

All Oregon State bills are sent electronically. Detailed billing information is available from business affairs.

You can view and pay your bill online.