Changing Registration - Any change of registration could affect financial aid

Beginning of term add/drop

Through Sunday of the first week of class, you may add or drop a course by web. During Monday-Friday of the second week of class, withdrawals may be completed by Web but adds and other registration changes are completed by phoning Ecampus Student Services at 800-667-1465 (select option 1) or email Late fees may apply, please refer to Refunds and Late Fees for more information.

Late registration and add/drop

After the second week of the term, you are required to complete a Petition for Late Change of Registration for all adds and drops. For information regarding late changes of registration, please view the Academic Requirements Committee Guidelines. If you would like to add or drop a course, please contact Ecampus Student Services at 800-667-1465 (select option 1) or email and we can provide you with further instructions.

Please Note: Due to the nature of Ecampus courses, Ecampus strongly discourages students from adding courses after the first week of the term. Petitions to add after the second week of classes take an average of 5-7 business days to be processed. You will be unable to access the course in Canvas until the petition has been processed. Ordering books and other necessary course materials will cause a further delay to your participation. This will put you several weeks behind, and could severely impair your ability to be successful in the course. If you need to add after the first week, we advise that you contact the instructor right away to obtain the syllabus and begin reading and completing any coursework that does not require Canvas.

Course withdrawal

You can withdraw from a course(s) online through the seventh week of classes (summer dates are different, so be sure to check with your advisor if you have questions). To find the exact dates for each term view the academic calendar. Course withdrawals may be completed using MyOregonState. If you're withdrawing from all courses, you must confirm your intent to withdraw from the university for the term. If you do not confirm your intention by answering the first question you will not be withdrawn from the university and will remain responsible for your enrolled courses.

Withdrawing from a course after the seventh week of the term a petition for a late change of registration is required and you must meet the Academic Requirements Committee Guidelines. For unique situations, please contact Ecampus Student Services at 541-737-4166 or email

Course withdrawals are considered changes to registration, and as such will be assessed the $20 Change of Registration fee. A percentage of tuition will be charged if you drop or withdraw from classes after the first day. Please refer to Refunds and Late Fees for more information and to view the Tuition Reduction Schedule.

Registration cancellation/withdrawal from the term

Please be aware that beginning fall term 2016, a change has been made to Academic Regulation 13 that states any student is entitled to withdraw from the term up to four times without prejudice prior to the beginning of finals week. Students who withdraw from the term four times will receive a notice from the Office of the Registrar informing them that they have exhausted their withdrawals from the term, and any future withdrawal will require an Academic Requirements Committee petition. Learn more about the guidelines for withdrawing for the term on the registrar's website.

Your act of registering constitutes your commitment to Oregon State University. As an Oregon State student, you are both academically and financially responsible for all courses for which you register. If you wish to cancel this commitment and reduce or eliminate tuition charges for the term, you must officially cancel your registration or withdraw for the term. Withdrawing from a class after the 10th day through the seventh week will result in a W on your transcript.

After the seventh week, students are expected to receive a grade unless officially withdrawn from the university. Students in good standing can withdraw for the term prior to finals week using MyOregonState. You must confirm your intent to withdraw for the term by answering the first question. If you do not confirm your intention by answering the first question you will not be withdrawn for the term and will remain responsible for your enrolled courses. The remaining questions in the survey give you the opportunity to share your reasons for withdrawing and to indicate if you plan to return to OSU in the future.

Variable credit courses

If a course is taught for variable credits, for example 1-15 credits, the online registration system will ask you to enter the correct number of credits for which you wish to enroll. If you need to change that number later, go to the Student Online Services, and in the registration system you can select to change your variable course credits.