Online Student Authentication

Oregon State University Ecampus will begin requiring online identification verification for select Ecampus courses in fall 2016.

Why implement online student ID verification?

Online student ID verification recreates the idea of a traditional school ID card and will help ensure the investment in your education by protecting the integrity of our programs and degrees, guarding against financial aid fraud and meeting or exceeding U.S. Department of Education regulations for Title IV financial aid eligibility.

Starting fall 2016, select Ecampus courses will utilize an ID verification system. Eventually, all Ecampus courses will be required to use the system.

The online student ID verification will be implemented at no additional cost for students, and will be available 24/7 anywhere you have an Internet connection.

How does it work?

If a course you will be taking requires the online ID verification system, a note will appear in the comments sections of the Course Catalog and Schedule of Classes indicating the requirement.

In order to use the ID verification system, you will be required to have the following equipment:

  1. Access to a webcam. This can be an internal webcam on a laptop or an external webcam. You can check to see if your webcam meets the requirements here.

These items are highly recommended:

  1. A government issued photo ID.
  2. A smart phone with camera or access to a photo scanner.
  3. A laptop or desktop computer, or tablet with a full, separate keyboard (on screen keyboards on phones, tablets or other mobile devices will result in a failing keystroke analysis).

This service checks and verifies a student’s identity in a matter of moments.

Once the initial ID verification profile is created, identity verification for you will occur randomly throughout the term within your Canvas course, and may be embedded in quizzes, assignments, discussion boards or at any location in the course material.

For questions, contact: