You studied. You persevered. And now – you’ve graduated. We’re incredibly proud of what you’ve accomplished and all of your hard work to get to this point. Now go out there into the world and make your mark.

Our grads are out there

You and your classmates span the globe from South Dakota to Switzerland and Indiana to Iran.

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Hats off to you!

The moment has come. Toss your grad cap with pride.

Motivation equals graduation

In your own words, here are the people, plans and opportunities that inspired you to keep moving forward.

  • “I did it for the betterment of my family.”

    — Kimberly K.

  • “I did it for increasing my knowledge and better job opportunities”

    — Brandy S.

  • “I did it for a change of career and to increase my job prospects.”

    — David G.

  • “I did it for my children and for myself, but most of all to make a lasting difference for our planet and the future generations to come.”

    — Kelsey G.

  • “I wanted to finish what I started in 1985. I always regretted dropping out, and this time around I truly love learning!”

    — Shari B.

  • “I wanted to learn to be a better communicator, a better steward of the earth, a better problem-solver and a better human being so I can contribute to solutions that our world faces.”

    — Kyla C.

  • “I did it for the pursuit of knowledge and a fulfilling life.”

    — Lyndsay A.

  • "I wanted to make the people I love and the people that I’ve lost proud of me.”

    — Ashley H.

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