Registration Information

See our online schedule of classes for a listing of over 150 courses in more than 40 subjects. Once you've selected the courses you want to take, you can register online by using Online Services. If you need assistance, we encourage you to call the Student Services Center at 800-667-1465 (541-737-9204) or email Staff is available Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PT to assist you with registration.

Register Online

Follow our step-by-step registration directions to register and confirm your registration.

General Access PIN Number (GAP)

You will use a GAP number when you log onto the Web of phone to register, check final grades, print advanced standing reports, etc. Your GAP number is your 6-digit birth date. The first time you log into the system, it will ask you to change your GAP to a more secure number. Be sure to write this number down because it will be your "password" every time you log in.

If you forget your GAP, contact the Registrar's office so they can reset your GAP to your birth date. Once you choose a new GAP number you will never have to change this number again.

Registration PIN (Personal Identification Number)

Degree-seeking undergraduate students in all colleges are required to have a Registration PIN. Your major advisor will need to provide you with these system-generated numbers. You will receive a new PIN prior to every fall registration. Some college's change PINs ever term.

The Student Services Center at 800-667-1465 we will be happy to help you connect with your major advisor to make sure you are on the right track and to get your PIN for registration.

Course Restrictions and Special Approvals

Some courses are restricted to certain majors or colleges or require that the student obtain an approval from the department. Please check each course for details on our online <Schedule of Classes.>


Prerequisites represent the background necessary for successful performance in a course. Students may attempt a course without having prerequisites if they have obtained the consent of the instructor to do so. If the instructor's consent is not obtained, then students who have not fulfilled published prerequisites may be unenrolled from the course during the first week of classes.

Closed or Canceled Courses

If you are registering online, closed or canceled courses will be noted on various screens. If your course is canceled after you register, a letter will be sent to you from the Registrar's Office. You can search for course availability by using the Ecampus schedule of classes.


Students with registration holds are not permitted to register until the appropriate departments and offices clear holds. If you are unsure of what the hold on your account is, contact the Student Services Center at 800-667-1465.