Success Coaching: What is Coaching?

Student success coaching

Everyone is welcome. Students choosing online education often juggle multiple commitments, and starting a new degree program can be overwhelming. Whether you’re struggling to find balance, need help refining study skills or want a little extra motivation, Oregon State Ecampus student success coaches are just a phone call or email away. Your success is our No. 1 goal.

What is success coaching?

Coaching is an individual, one-on-one meeting to help students outline their unique goals for success. We discuss topics that make a difference in online learning success, and we help students identify resources and people in their support networks they can rely on while they pursue their education. At the core of coaching, we focus on presence and awareness to help students bring new perspectives into the way they take on challenges.

How can a success coach help me?

Success coaching allows students to actively reflect on their current circumstances and to evaluate strategies that support and/or undermine their academic success. Common discussion topics include:

  • time management
  • procrastination and prioritization
  • work-life balance and stress management
  • academic skill development
  • online learning strategies
  • goal-setting and motivation
  • identifying and leveraging OSU resources

What happens in a success coaching appointment?

A success coaching phone or video chat appointment typically lasts 30-45 minutes. During the appointment, you and your success coach will discuss your strengths, challenges, and academic goals. You will explore issues that impact your academic success and identify strategies and resources that can support you in your educational goals.

Read on to see how success coaching fits into your academic support team.

How is coaching different from other resources?

Student Services Representatives provide assistance with change of major forms, overrides, questions regarding resources, registration concerns, and help students navigate university processes like student accounts, petitions, tuition refund appeals and facilitation of instructor-student issues. They are an excellent first point of contact for student concerns. You can reach them at 800-667-1465 (select option 1) or

Academic Advisors support students by helping build class schedules, tracking progress towards a degree, and supporting students to reach their personal goals. They also work with students to identify career options and next steps. Advisors will also help students navigate academic struggles and can help provide support with instructor issues. While academic advisors and Ecampus success coaches do work closely together, coaches do not assist students with course selection, major declaration, monitoring degree requirements and academic progress, or withdrawal or leave of absence.

Mental Health Counselors like those found in Counseling and Psychology Services (CAPS) focus mainly on mental health concerns. They work with students to facilitate academic success, mental health and personal development. Because mental wellness impacts student success, Ecampus success coaches primarily help students address issues related to motivation, developing effective academic strategies, and skill building. This generally requires an emphasis on present and future goals rather than discussing challenges in the past.

When helpful, coaches can make the appropriate referrals to other OSU resources and assist students with appointment scheduling.

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