Grading options

Changing grading options (A-F, S/U)

All courses are assigned the A-F or P/N (Pass/No Pass) grading option during registration. Please check with your advisor before selecting S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) grading, as it is not accepted in all majors. Any changes from the A-F option (to S/U) can be requested by following the Office of the Registrar's change of grading basis instructions.

Please refer to the academic calendar for the current deadline for change of grading options.


Audit registration permits a student to enroll in a course for no credit and no grade. The course instructor will determine the requirements for an audited course. Audit registration is available to anyone. Audit registration begins with the sixth day of classes and ends with the close of registration at the conclusion of the tenth day of classes. Those who wish to audit should contact the Registrar's Office for the appropriate registration procedure, which will require approval of the course instructor.

Audit courses are assessed instructional fees at the same rate as credit courses. Any changes to an audit registration are subject to the same procedures, deadlines, and special fees as registration changes to regular courses. Upon completion of an audited course, the designation of "AUD" will be recorded on the transcript. The designation of "WAU" will be recorded on the transcript for students who withdraw from an audit course.

If you are a degree-seeking student who is interested in auditing a course, please consult your academic advisor prior to registering.

Tuition-free auditing for senior citizens

Senior citizens in Oregon can audit OSU Ecampus courses without paying tuition costs. A senior citizen must receive permission from the instructor before enrolling in the course and fill out the university's nondegree admissions application, as well as pay a nonrefundable nondegree enrollment application fee.

Qualifying students must be 65 years of age or older and register for 8 credits or fewer each term. Enrollment in audited courses is also dependent upon space availability.

Please note: You must use your official Oregon State email account when contacting the instructors of the courses you audit.

For more information, contact Gina Rogers at 541-737-9223 or