Online Academic Program Proposals

At Oregon State Ecampus, we offer a high level of support for the development of new online degree programs. Because online program development requires a large investment of resources, time, and effort, we strive to ensure that there is sufficient student demand and sufficient faculty availability before agreeing to develop programs for online delivery.

To be considered for online development and delivery, proposed programs should align with Oregon State’s mission and strategic plan and should be well-suited for online delivery. Faculty in proposed programs should be available to collaborate extensively with Ecampus instructional designers to develop high-quality online courses that meet Ecampus Essentials design standards. Faculty also should be prepared to facilitate online courses guided by the Ecampus Online Teaching Principles.

Full undergraduate and graduate degree programs and other programs that have high market demand or enrollment potential at Oregon State are prioritized for online development.

Ecampus support for program development

Depending on the program type and development needs, this support may include market insights (i.e. market analysis and research) for new programs, program coordinator funding, funding to support the advising of online students, course development funding, instructional design, media development, marketing and enrollment services for prospective students, and services for current students.

Ecampus program development proposals and (CIM) curricular proposals

Two types of proposals are necessary for most new online program development:

  1. Ecampus program development proposals are approved and managed by Ecampus and pertain to the development of OSU programs for online delivery.

  2. Curricular proposals take place in CIM, and the approval process is facilitated by the Office of Academic Programs and Assessment and governed by the Faculty Senate. Program curricular proposals can take six to 24 months, depending on the type of proposal and many external factors, such as the liaison process, the academic calendar, the Oregon Statewide Provosts Council, and the Higher Education Coordinating Commission.

    In general, while curricular proposals are often submitted to CIM prior to the creation of an Ecampus program development MOU, they do not typically need to be fully approved in CIM prior to development work on courses and marketing materials. 

Ecampus uses a quarterly review of program proposals.

Review term
Submission deadline Decisions announced Anticipated first term of admissions*
Winter 2024 Jan. 12 Feb. 9 Fall 2024–Winter 2026
Spring 2024 April 12 May 10 Winter 2025–Spring 2026
Summer 2024 June 28 July 26 Spring 2025–Summer 2026
Fall 2024 Oct. 4 Nov. 1 Summer 2025–Fall 2026
Winter 2025 Jan. 10 Feb. 7 Fall 2025–Winter 2027
Spring 2025 April 11 May 9 Winter 2026–Spring 2027
Summer 2025 June 27 July 25 Spring 2026–Summer 2027

* Curricular approval timelines vary. Extending an existing OSU program online requires approximately six months; creating a new program at OSU requires 18-24 months.

Materials needed for Ecampus program development proposals

  1. Degree program and credential(s) offered (e.g., B.A. and/or B.S, M.A. and/or M.S., graduate certificate, etc.)
  2. Exact name of the degree program as it appears (or will appear) in the OSU academic catalog
  3. Intended student audience for the program in an online format
  4. Modalities/locations in which the program will be offered (e.g., Corvallis campus, OSU-Cascades, fully online, hybrid, hybrid-PDX, etc.)
  5. Proposed first term of admission (please allow for sufficient time for CIM curricular approvals)
  6. List of required core and elective courses for the program (min. credit requirements for programs).
  7. Draft course development timeline including faculty who will complete the course developments
  8. List of faculty who are willing and available to develop and teach courses online
  9. Minimum enrollment needed for program sustainability (Ecampus can assist with this analysis)
  10. Market insights (Ecampus can assist with this analysis)
  11. Dean approval

To initiate the process for proposing and developing an Ecampus online program, submit a request for an initial program inquiry.

Request an initial program inquiry

Market insights

Academic units have access to our market insights services prior to submitting a proposal. We encourage academic units to consult with our marketing and enrollment services team at least one term prior to submitting a proposal to allow time for market analysis and research.

In some cases, market insights may be gathered prior to submitting curricular proposals, such as when academic units are seeking guidance about which program types are in greatest demand.

Request market insights


The Ecampus Program Intake Coordinator assists with the coordination of all Ecampus program proposals (e.g., major, minor, option, cert., or microcred) along with (CIM) curricular proposals. If you need assistance, please contact