Ecampus Survey of Online Success

Learner beliefStrongly
I am capable of success/strong performance.
My performance is determined by factors within my control.
I take responsibility for my performance in work, school, and relationships.
When I perform well, it’s usually because I have given it my best effort.
My success in work, school, and relationships is mostly within my control.
Learner self-regulationStrongly
I finish work or projects by the deadline.
I can ignore distractions around me when I am working.
I do a good job of motivating myself to do my work.
I create a plan to complete tasks and work on or before deadlines.
I complete tasks well independently.
I keep up with weekly tasks like reading, projects and/or other responsibilities.
I can keep up with responsibilities when life is challenging.
Communication strategiesStrongly
I express my opinions well when writing to others.
I contribute my fair share of work in a group.
I am an active communicator when working with a group.
I give appropriate feedback to others, even when I disagree.
I communicate well when writing to my supervisor, trainer, or other leader.
I ask clear questions when I don’t understand.
I respectfully express my opinions to others such as an instructor, trainer, supervisor, etc.
I seek help when there are challenges in my life.
New technologyStrongly
I am comfortable downloading and installing new software on my computer or other device.
I am comfortable finding and listening to or watching audio or video resources on the Internet.
I am comfortable using social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, chat boards or others like them.
I am comfortable navigating an online learning platform (learning management system such as Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, D2L, Udemy, Coursera, or similar online training tool).
When I am asked to download or use new software that I’m not familiar with, I can learn to use it successfully.
Motivation and supportStrongly
I have a good reason for pursuing an online degree program.
I am willing to spend 6-9 hours each and every week on a 3-credit online course.
I have people who will support me in my educational journey.
I feel prepared to engage in discussions and email as part of my online degree program.
Technology accessDisagreeAgree   
I have a printer or access to printing.   
I have access to headphones, or speakers, and a microphone as part of my computer setup.   
I have access to reliable internet (at home or work), or I can easily access reliable internet on a regular basis in a public location (library, community center, etc.).   
I have a backup plan and/or know who to contact for tech support in case I run into computer issues.   

Adapted from Learning Skills Journey tool

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