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Why students say summer classes are right for them: In-state tuition, small class sizes, flexibility

Oregon State student Jason Hsu lays on a lawn, relaxing with his hands behind his head.

By Heather Doherty  
Feb. 21, 2017

When on-campus students were asked to describe what summer at Oregon State means for them, several common themes kept showing up:

  • It’s a time to catch up on their studies
  • Get ahead on their path to graduation
  • Work a job
  • And travel the world.

“I would describe Summer Session as a perfect balance between education and relaxation,” says graphic design student Jason Hsu. “There is so much flexibility in the length and intensity of the courses. I wish I would have taken summer classes earlier on in my college career.”

Summer Session benefitsPlay

Oregon State students share their thoughts on enrolling in on-campus summer classes at OSU, including often overlooked benefits which make summer at Oregon State the best time of year.

Summer term at Oregon State provides flexibility that allows students to design their time around what they need most and what works best for them.

“My motivation for taking summer classes was to stay on track, get ahead, and it was appealing to be able to keep my job with the university as well,” says business student Ryan Hansen, who works in the Auxiliaries and Activities Business Center on campus.

And while many say flexibility is what drives them to enroll in on-campus classes during summer term, others say their motivation includes additional perks unique to OSU Summer Session.

“I’m originally from Minnesota, and being able to pay in-state tuition for these Summer Session classes is super nice because I personally pay for all of my college tuition, so any kind of discount or help that I can get on the side is really useful,” says accountancy student Emilie Tappe.

“I would describe Summer Session as a perfect balance between education and relaxation.”

On top of that, courses ranging in length from one week to 11 weeks, and average class sizes tend to be smaller, allowing for more one-on-one time with instructors.

“I want to progress toward my degree, so summertime is just the perfect time to take some classes in a shorter time period,” says civil engineering student Hussain Al Balushi.

“I really like the smaller class sizes because we are able to get to know each other more and have deep conversations and really understand each other’s opinions and ideas,” Jason says. “Having small class sizes also helps me with studying and overall improve my course grade.”

Hear what they’re saying

If that’s not enough inspiration to find out for yourself how summer at Oregon State will work for you, here’s more:

“I would definitely recommend Summer Session to other people,” says accountancy student Haley Shelton. “I wish I would have done it sooner. You’re able to get classes out of the way for you to graduate either on time or sooner than you would have otherwise.”

“In addition to taking classes and working, I was still able to have plenty of time to enjoy the summer and explore Corvallis,” Ryan says. “I spent a lot of days at the river, skateboarding outside, hanging out with my friends, and it was also more laid back and really enjoyable.”

“Just give it a shot,” Hussain says. “A lot of people want to go back home during summer and enjoy their vacation, but it can be a vacation here during summer because you’ll have a new and different experience than during other times of the year. Summer here is warm. It is nice. It doesn’t rain. Believe me, you get to meet a lot of new awesome people and there are a lot of activities during the summer that you can participate and engage in.”

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