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When all you need is right here during summer, the possibilities are endless

Four students play basketball on the intramural courts on campus with Weatherford Hall in the background.

By Heather Doherty  
May 23, 2017

We’re not saying summertime at Oregon State is the best time of the year.

Well, yeah, actually we are.

But if you don’t believe us, just ask the next person you walk by on campus, and they’re sure to tell you the same.

During summer at Oregon State, you can not only get ahead in your studies by taking courses in a condensed timeline and with smaller class sizes, but you also have the opportunity to explore all that Corvallis and the surrounding areas have to offer.

“Summer in Corvallis is really fun because it’s quieter with not as many students here, but there’s also still a lot to do,” says accountancy student Haley Shelton. “The restaurants are less busy, and you can go to the farmers market or shops downtown. There are so many options.”

Summer at Oregon State provides students the opportunity to do it all – study, work, travel and play. Watch this video to hear why students say there’s no better time of year than summer at Oregon State.

Adventure-seekers are in their prime when the sun comes out – and stays out – all summer long. Oregon State has endless hiking and biking trails right in our backyard, and for those looking to relax a bit, all you need to do is break out your river raft to soak up the rays on the Willamette River. (Don’t have a raft? OSU Recreational Sports has you covered!)

“In addition to taking classes and working, I was still able to have plenty of time to enjoy the summer and explore Corvallis,” says business student Ryan Hanson. “I spent a lot of days at the river, skateboarding outside, wakeboarding and hanging out with my friends. It was more laid-back and really enjoyable.”

While the list of fun things to do in Corvallis is endless, so are the activities right here on campus.

You can participate in an intramural sport league or special event, such as soccer, sand volleyball and basketball , or in one of the Adventure Leadership Institute’s once-in-a-lifetime explorations.

Not a fan of organized activities? Grab your Frisbee or slack line and show off your skills in the grassy MU quad.

And while creating a community of like-minded adventure-seekers is undoubtedly a must, so is the general community feel you’ll receive in your classes. With smaller classes sizes, you’ll have the opportunity to connect individually with your classmates and instructors, ensuring a valuable and unique academic experience.

“Believe me, you get to meet a lot of new, awesome people, and there are a lot of activities during the summer that you can participate and engage in,” says civil engineering student Hussain Al Balushi. “Summer here is amazing, and I’m just glad to make new friends and go out and enjoy the awesome warm days.”

So what are you waiting for? When you enroll in summer classes at Oregon State, you’re not only setting yourself up to get ahead in your future, but you’re also signing up for what’s sure to be your best summer yet.

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