Student Resources - OSU Learning Centers

Math Learning Center

Students close to Oregon State University's main campus can take advantage of the Math Learning Center.

The services offered by the Math Learning Center are:

  • a well-lit study area with tables and a coin-operated photocopy machine
  • free drop-in tutoring (provided by GTA's, faculty volunteers, and a few hired undergraduate tutors)
  • resources (textbooks, solution manuals, a few graphing calculators, etc.) to check out for use in the MLC
  • make-up testing (faculty or TA's can leave make-up tests in a file behind the MLC desk; clerks will administer and refile the completed test to be picked up at the instructor's convenience)
  • testing service for independent study Statistics courses (by special arrangement with the department of Statistics)
  • a mathematics education resource room (for use by the Excel program and mathematics education classes)
  • a computer classroom (for use by mathematics classes)

To get more information visit the Math Learning Center website.

Writing Center

The Writing Center understands that traveling to campus for an in-person writing consultation is not always possible. For those who need alternatives to the on-campus appointment, the Writing Center offers feedback through the Online Writing Suite. You can seek feedback electronically via an email (asynchronous) consultation or via a Skype (synchronous) consultation. They also offer the Grammar Studio for students who want to use synchronous services to address their grammar and sentence-level concerns.

For more information about services offered, visit the Online Writing Suite website.

The Valley Library Collaborative Learning Center (CLC)

Located in the Learning Commons, the CLC provides a variety of services to help students. The Career Center, Chemistry, Library, Math, Physics and the Writing Center provide assistance during scheduled hours.